An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

There are some suburbs which, to me anyway, really define dynamic Sydney. These are your Newtowns , your Cabramattas , or even your Eastw...

Wholesome: Wattle Grove

There are some suburbs which, to me anyway, really define dynamic Sydney. These are your Newtowns, your Cabramattas, or even your Eastwoods. This next suburb... is not one of these.

Wattle Grove

Last I left you, I was walking across a suburban Holsworthy park, hot sun overhead, to cross over into this next suburb.

This immediately took me to the local shopping centre.

Now, nobody reads these things in order to ask about the local shopping centre (or maybe you do, after all for some reason you people read about the ducks that I see), so I kept moving.

A cold beer at the local behind the shops sounded rather appealing today, but alas, I had a few suburbs to explore today, so that didn't stop me either.

Behind the shops, I ran into one thing that Wattle Grove does really well.

If you want to walk through the suburb (say, from your house to the local shops), there's an entire network of pedestrian pathways behind people's houses, which makes for a much more pleasant stroll than walking along the road.

Sadly, I forgot that this means that I'd have a bunch of identical looking photos of paths, instead of seeing what the actual suburb is like. Whoops.

Not to worry though, I did eventually make my way to the street.

It turns out that the suburbia of Wattle Grove is supremely family friendly.

It's about quiet streets,

inoffensive free standing homes,

and even a lorikeet or two.

Look, it's some sort of mindblowing place, but it does have one trump card.

Towards the northern end of the suburb is a park.

That park features the more-impressive-than-it-should-be Wattle Grove Lake.

Here's a local resident.

As you might imagine, there's a pathway circumnavigating the lake.

I dig it.

I left the lake by this house which has gone all out,

to continue on Wattle Grove's pathway network.

The same path led me to my next suburb.

Wattle Grove: About as nonprovocative as a suburb gets.

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  1. My suburb! It's super quiet. Traffic is amazing and those paths make it super easy to escape to the pub for a sneaky beer