An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

Happy 2020! Cast your mind back to the other side of new year's day and you'll remember I was stomping around Canada Bay . Well...

Looking for Tiffany: Breakfast Point

Happy 2020! Cast your mind back to the other side of new year's day and you'll remember I was stomping around Canada Bay. Well I'm still here and to start off the year, we've got a suburb I can only describe as bizarre.

Breakfast Point

If you've been waiting since my last suburb with bated breath, then you'll come to know that Breakfast Point is a suburb bordering Cabarita, a Canada Bay suburb notable for having a beach on Parramatta River.

Breakfast Point likes to let you know that you've arrived, and so they've kindly installed a large sign at the front of the suburb.

I took this tree-lined street to start my exploration.

Interestingly, the houses here all seem to be prim, proper, painted, and weirdly flat making me feel like I was on some sort of movie set.

I was definitely getting a whole "American gated community vibe", with the illusion broken only by our distinct gumtrees.

Soon, I hit a concealing fence, clearly trying to hide some top-secret business.

It turns out that this is the Breakfast Point Country Club.

I had to work really hard to peak inside - it wasn't really worth it.

At this stage, I'm rather confused about who Breakfast Point is for. Once you pass the rows of fake, movie set houses, the rest of the suburb seems to be full of tall apartments, still in the suburb's very controlled facade.

It's all just a little odd.

Continuing on, I soon landed in Silkstone Park, the local park.

Like the rest of the suburb, it's a pretty, manicured thing,

and apparently I wasn't allowed to be there.

With the entire Breakfast Point Police Department now hot on my tail, I continued on, through more of these "perfect" little streets.

I soon ran into the suburb's single building which doesn't quite match the theme - this one appearing to be a little more historic.

A bit of a contrast to its bizarre surrounds.

It was here that I noticed something even more bizarre about this place. In order to keep their grass green, they spray paint the grass. Yes, they literally paint the grass green. Where the hell am I.

I continued past the older building to reach the banks of Parramatta River.

Here, I found an actually beautiful riverside walking path,

more painted grass,

and another perspective on the suburb.

I left the shore and headed back into the dystopian future,

before reaching the local shops.

These keep the same beach pastel colour scheme as the rest of the suburb, and are about as interesting a place as you can expect.

The shops are on a cul-de-sac on the suburb's edge, so I continued on, leaving Breakfast Point and entering my next suburb.

Breakfast Point: A weirdly perfect, rather unfriendly feeling place. Oh and they paint their grass green. 


  1. The one historic building must be the last surviving part of the old AGL gasworks.

    1. There are actually 4 historic buildings.

  2. Horrible, plastic, soulless place. Almost like stepping into some weird dystopian suburb for AI robots. Painted grass, WTF?

    1. The irony of it all is that from a pure aesthetic perspective, the building style is rather pretty (and certainly different to most of Sydney). The way it's been pulled off though? Sort of terrifying.

  3. this is by far the weirdest one of these youve ever done lmao

  4. Wow, even the streets on Google Maps looks different. No point having breakie there, I suppose...

  5. Feels like the Truman Show

  6. Hahaha the painted grass thing cracked me up. I have to respectfully disagree with the other commenters though: the suburb is really quite aesthetic-looking, especially on a sunny day by the water. Like any suburb, how good it is in practice will depend on which unit/house you can afford. Also, whilst some of the bigger blocks look a little ant-farmish, it's nothing like the type of human bird-cages one finds in Hurstville, Ryde, Chatswood etc. As far as unit/apartment living goes, it beats those hell-holes by a mile! Disclaimer: I don't live in Breakfast Point, just my opinion!

    1. living in breakfast point I do think this is one of the most unique suburbs I've ever come across in sydney, certainly worth a visit as it does feel so manicured and almost too perfect. Aesthetically almost too pleasing... the country club actually has a wide host of facilities from a cafe looking over the water, tennis court, large swimming pool and gym.

  7. The painted grass is actually to show where the weed killer has been sprayed. 4600 residents find the area a pleasure to reside in. A quick walk through is no way to judge a suburb. The wall is actually heritage listed and not there to keep out people like you. So sad that you are so judgemental. I suppose you live in a perfect place.

  8. Interesting take. Do you return to the suburbs you review? First impressions may need a review. Every pocket of Sydney has it's charms, pros and cons. Curious to know whether the similar building facades are because the suburb was planned? Try keeping up that facade for all of Ryde, Chatswood, Newtown, Coogee, Mosman? I'd think it's hard work.

  9. What a ridiculous review. I've lived in Breakfast Point for years and I love it. It's like living in a country town. People smile and nod when they pass each other in the street. You have all the amenities you need. And it's beautiful.