An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

How about a suburb?  Rozelle

Cherry Tablecloth: Rozelle

How about a suburb? 


Geographically, Rozelle is northeast from my previous suburb, Lilyfield. Naturally, that means I got in on foot, beginning on the tree-smattered Balmain Road. 

I passed this pub, 

this art place, 

with whacky vases, 

and whatever TR is. 

Other highlights include the wonderfully named Egg of the Universe. 

Which may or may not be coming soon. 

I continued strolling along,

past this impressively painted utility box, 

and some nicely retro building facades, 

plus one hairdresser from the underworld. 

Now, many suburbs are split into two by a rail line. Well, Rozelle is divided by Victoria Road,

which is far, far better than being divided by Parramatta Road. 

Anyway, I crossed over to post-Victorian Rozelle. It's not too different, 

again continuing with its interesting old commercial spots, 

although here I did find these cement cubes, 

and mosaicked water tap. 

Strolling through commercial Rozelle is a fairly pleasant affair. Here's a former bank building (or so I assume, old banks always looked like this for some reason),

here is the local flower district, 

(these are different stores a few steps apart), 

and here is a proud bench in front of some more old architecture. 

Having walked through a few suburbs today, it seemed a good option to stop for a cold beverage, and so I stopped at this cornerside bar and restaurant with cherry tablecloths. It is named Corner Bar. 

I had myself a beer, whereas Mrs Completing Sydney (who I as usual neglect to mention until the photos spoil the illusion) enjoyed herself a refreshing lychee mocktail thing. 

This bar also happened to be on a side street with a view of the city skyline. 

Not it's best angle, I'll admit, but it adds a bit of flavour nevertheless. 

Having sat at various points of Balmain Road for this entire suburb so far, I figured it was now time to see something different,

and so we carried on down into the sidestreet. 

It turns out Rozelle's backstreets are mostly gyms,

but I did also find this stripy fence, 

and Emilio, purveyor of whole animals. 

Naturally, there's also residential bits back here,

although in Rozelle, I faced a struggle I often face in the densely housed Inner West. Try taking a photo from in front of the nice old houses, and you're too close. 

Try taking a photo from the other side of the road, and, well. 

The other alternative is swoopy side shots.

Bonus pumpkin. 

I did like this house though, whose convenient location at the foot of a cul-de-sac means that taking a photo is easy. 

Plus it gets to enjoy the city skyline too. 

Other bonuses are this feeble attempt at Bert and Ernie, 

and this dog who looked at me from its front door. 

We carried on,  

finding this one gorgeous door, 

and a church carpark,

which conveniently takes you back onto our old friend Balmain Road. 

For the final Rozelle pit stop, it was time for lunch, and Paella seemed a fun option. 

It looked the part, with huge trays of the stuff at the counter, 

and free peanuts too. 

Sadly, it was only just okay, as the lady behind the counter scooped some paella into containers then proceeded to put them in the microwave. I can make dry chicken at home. 

Ah well.

And with that heartbreak behind us it's time to call it a day for Rozelle. We returned onto Victoria Road, 

from where we were promptly able to get a bus out of there. 

Rozelle: Interesting architecure, some decent art, and cold drinks. 

Now, before I go, a bittersweet announcement. 

As a youngish Australian, it is legally mandated that I go to dick about in London for a couple of years. I've chosen to take on this imperative duty from early next year. Sadly, that means that Sydney is going to remain uncompleted for now, as it will be a bit hard to take a 24 hour flight every time I need to pick off another suburb. This post is suburb 466, an achievement I'm proud of, and I thank each and everyone who has dropped by the blog this past 4 years. I'll be continuing until this year's Golden Ibises (scheduled for 29 December this year) and then will be taking my leave of absence. Thank you once again.


  1. Ohnonono! Couldn't you do a complete guide to London? How will we, your faithful readers, manage? Have a wonderful time but never forget there is UNFINISHED BUSINESS on this amazing blog! This Rozelle post is a doozy. Try to end on a lower note if you don't mind.

    1. Thanks for reading. And no, there definitely won't be a Completing London!

  2. Thankyou for your website and taking the time to look around the suburbs of Sydney. I have enjoyed reading your posts and will miss you! Enjoy London.

  3. i am legit sad that you'll be leaving it unfinished.
    have been enjoying the suburb explorations for many years.
    like clockwork every thursday and sunday i read it.

    it gives me ideas for suburbs i should actually visit when im in sydney (semi-frequent visitor, not so frequent Explorer....and i like exploring. how does that work)

    1. I hope I've left you with 466 ideas of places to explore. Hopefully I can pick up the remaining 200 or so a few years from now.

    2. oooh you've definitely given me some ideas haha.
      i've explored a few of them.
      had hoped you would one day explore the suburb i live in for a short period of time (Carramar).
      good luck with your move though. as i said i will miss the blog

  4. Nooooooo how will we get by without a couple of suburbs each week to admire and sometimes slightly mock?! Have the best of times over in London.

  5. Don't you have an apprentice who could fill in for you? I will miss your weekend postings, but have a brilliant time in London. Say 'bye to Mrs Completing Sydney too.

  6. You will be missed. I greatly enjoy reading of your adventures.
    Thank you and enjoy your time away. Safe travels.

  7. devastating news, yaz. any chance of finally forming the 'completing sydney walking club' before you leave - to carry on your work in your absence?

  8. Speaking as someone who dicked about for far longer than 2 years in London but eventually came back… would love to see you do a Completing London!