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In the last post, I explored Mount Druitt after a huge day trying to pick off all the suburbs to its north. Heading home that day left two ...

Park to Be: Ropes Crossing

In the last post, I explored Mount Druitt after a huge day trying to pick off all the suburbs to its north. Heading home that day left two over - which is this post and my next. 

Ropes Crossing

In the Outer West, a large chunk of Ropes Crossing is taken up by Wianamatta Regional Park. As such this seemed like the logical place to kick things off in this suburb.

Not knowing much about this park (other than its size), a stroll around was in order. This led me through some not-too-dense bushland, 

and to whatever this structure is. 

According to this sign, this park is still in the making, 

which explains why most of it looks like this. 

I mean, there's nothing wrong with taking a stroll along some perfectly straight, paved streets through classic Aussie bushland, but it's certainly not a conventional park. 

I also found this bit, 

which seemed to be a minimalist picnic area of sorts.

They do have toilets though, 

just ask this rock. 

After a wander through the park,

it seemed like a good idea to head to the actually suburby bit of Ropes Crossing.
This turned out to be a newly developed suburb, 

with houses that look like this,

and this house with a faux-marble look. 

Heading along, 

past this small piece of dilapidation,

and to a very cool little local park. 

Here's Ropes Creek Station (well sort of). 

So, apparently, in the 1940s a train line was built, branching out from Saint Marys and winding up here. 

That line was shut down 40 odd years later, with most of the track having now been ripped up, but Ropes Creek - the final station on this dinky line - has been converted to a park for the people of this new suburb. They also have this caged up metal thing (a piece of train, I assume). 

It's an entirely reasonable suburban park otherwise. 

The rest of my time in Ropes Crossing did not reveal much of interest, as I headed on, 

through the residential streets, 

and to my next suburb.

Ropes Crossing: One future park, one historic park.


  1. I think that building may be part of the remains of the ADF site. It was a munitions site. It's an interesting area. I am guessing Jordan Springs is next, which is on the other side of Wianamatta Park. If you hit the industrial area around Dunheved you can find a bit more of the rail line and another station with a footbridge across it.

    1. You're probably right, the whole time I was thinking that the park reminds me of when I was a cadet and did field exercises at Holsworthy

  2. Remember in the 80s seeing the huge indicator signs at the bigger stations, with lights in front of the station names if the train stopped there. ‘Ropes Creek Line’ was the mysterious one - you’d never see a train going there! Apparently there were only two a day.

  3. Gosh, fascinating post! I think the park is where people go to mourn the loss of Cumberland Plain woodlands and their inhabitants. Only a few fragments left, like this one. Apparently emus and quolls in there. I hadn't realized the access roads were still sealed. Nice to see the historical relics of the recent past though.