An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

Brighton-Le-Sands Brighton-Le-Sands is a beachside suburb that I've been to before, purely for the novelty factor of "cool, it...

Beachside Bling: Brighton-Le-Sands


Brighton-Le-Sands is a beachside suburb that I've been to before, purely for the novelty factor of "cool, it's a beach that overlooks the airport!" If I'm to be completely honest, I didn't really like this place last time I visited. 

Thankfully, visiting Brighton as part of this challenge did improve my impression of it

I walked into the suburb from Kyeemagh, which very organically becomes Brighton-Le-Sands as you walk along the shoreline. Well, I had two options on how to get into Brighton: follow the coastline alongside the "Grand Parade", or stick to being blasted by car fumes on General Holmes Drive. A no-brainer, really.

Grand Parade is actually pretty cool. The beach itself is nice enough but you need more than a nice beach to interest a lifelong Sydneysider. 

What caught my attention were the "dolla dolla bill y'all" houses and cars on this road. 

This looks like the street you buy in when you get lucky and make a few million in cryptocurrency, and decide to build yourself a Darth Vader-esque house. (Seriously, what is this house? Who builds housing out of black glass apart from supervillains?) 

Or when you've got a high paying job, and a large line of credit from the bank.

Maybe I'm a bit too cynical, but I feel like I can smell a shitload of debt on Grand Parade. Regardless, looking at expensive beach-front houses, on expensive land, with expensive European cars parked outside makes for a solid Sunday afternoon stroll.

Unfortunately, the Bling Street of northern Brighton ended and took me back onto my "favourite" General Holmes drive. Over here, housing is much more modest with plenty of older high and medium density apartments along the road.

Just a bit further along lands you in the commercial centre of Brighton. 

Here, you get shopping, cafes, restaurants, a hotel or two and a lot of traffic. The reason I didn't like Brighton the first time I came was that I drove, and driving in Brighton was an absolute pain in the arse. 

I have to say, coming by foot is far more pleasant. 

Despite the road traffic, the beach was actually pretty quiet. 

All in all, Brighton's a great place to spend an afternoon, as long as you don't have to drive (and park). 


  1. Brighton's a pretty (very) average place. Traffic, hoons, very average overpriced dining options (I'm looking at you dezerts, doughbx diner, bondi pizza, hurricanes one exception being Sushi Dragon which is a little gem hidden further up Bay Street) and home to the Coles that time forgot - where you will wait up to 5 minutes to be handed a plastic bag by the bag nazi's. Neighbouring Kyeemagh, Ramsgate and San Souci are so much nicer.