An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

For this post I'll only be lightly touching the surface of a suburb: Kogarah As far as I know, I've never been to Kogarah. Ev...

I Find this Hard to Spell: Kogarah

For this post I'll only be lightly touching the surface of a suburb:


As far as I know, I've never been to Kogarah. Even after my visit, I still don't know a whole lot about this place. 

Before anything else, I was greeted with this cool mural as I rode the bus into the centre of town.

My exploration was limited to just the commercial area immediately around the station, but I immediately knew the "type" of Sydney suburb I was looking at.

This is the type of suburb I would normally go out of my way to visit (before starting this challenge), it's where you go to get shit done. You buy your meat from the butcher, your drugs from the pharmacist, and, because this is Sydney, your luxury apartments from whatever a shop that sells luxury apartments is called.

I dropped by this super-sized dollar store that you only get in these kinds of suburbs, purely because there was nobody here to stop me. Some people think I'm odd for always wanting to go into dollar stores. I think you're odd if you don't want to go into dollar stores.

There were a few other little interesting things here too, like this cylindrical tunnel going under the train station. 

And these wonderfully authentic iPhone cases.

Interestingly, in the shopping centre's men's room there appeared to be some informational posters about HIV in Chinese which is something I've never seen before in Sydney. To my Chinese-literate readers, here's some information about HIV. Maybe this blog can save a life. Probably not though. 

Unfortunately it was Sunday evening, and Kogarah doesn't seem to have too much night trading (not to mention that my feet were very sore from going to 9 suburbs in a single day), so I picked up my groceries from the Aldi, and jumped on the train home.

I looked up Kogarah on Wikipedia while writing this and it looks like there's a bunch of other cool stuff here that I didn't know about. Apparently they have a Bruce Lee statue which I'm very bummed I didn't see in my very brief visit. Next time I guess. 

Also, apparently the headquarters of St George Bank is in Kogarah. It just occurred to me that St George bank is called that because it's from the St George area of Sydney. How about that. 

Kogarah: Go see the Bruce Lee Statue because I didn't. 

08/07/2019 Update: I went back and saw the Bruce Lee statue. It was wonderful.


  1. Hardcore Gym was in kogarah (it's now down the road in allalwah). Do Hurstville.

  2. Kogarah veteran21 April 2022 at 13:27

    Thank you. Sadly Bob Marley has been knocked down. Didn't think the universe would allow for such an atrocity but here we are. Perhaps I can give you a tour next time you visit if you so wish. There's a lot more going on there.

  3. You missed some amazing retro units and beautiful old houses in Kogarah.