An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

Here's me delving into Sydney's leafy north. Gordon As usual, my CityRail steed dropped me off into Gordon. When you arrive at ...

Who's Gordon Anyway?

Here's me delving into Sydney's leafy north.


As usual, my CityRail steed dropped me off into Gordon. When you arrive at Gordon Station, you could be in the Blue Mountains, with wood panelled buildings and gum trees everywhere.

I was in Gordon as I was invited to a party on the eastern side of the train line. Naturally, I exited the station to the West to explore first.

The first thing to meet me just outside the station was the classic Aussie news agency. I didn't need to pick up a copy of Women's Weekly so I kept on strolling through this leafy suburb.

Gordon is the kind of suburb where houses and even small apartment blocks have "names". I don't know if I've mentioned this in a previous post, but you know places are a little hoity-toity when they name their houses. This one's Ilma Court.

I continued on past this lovely local park which boasts plenty of trees, a tennis court and a rule list around 1000 items long.

Australia, you know you're my bae, but not everything a person can do in this world needs to cost an $110 fine. 

On my walk I learned that this side of Gordon is full of really quite lovely older style houses.

This one is called "Eryldene" and apparently is a museum of sorts. 

I saw a bridge on Google maps a couple of streets away that had reviews for some strange reason so I thought I'd head that way. 

Along the way I passed the house of this utter tool who was running an unattended sprinkler on the nature strip outside his house, creating mud and getting any passers by wet as well as this public bench. Need I mention that we're in a drought at the moment?

I made it to the bridge - I'm not sure what I was expecting.

Interestingly, from the bridge you get a view of some local's castle. Maybe old mate with the sprinkler from the previous house was just jealous and wanted to build a moat in response to their baller neighbour. 

From here it's not a long walk back to the station where I didn't see much of interest apart from this unusual pedestrian crossing.

Nice shoes

The other side of the station opens up onto the Pacific Highway and the local shopping area. As great as bubble tea is, I had places to be and sadly had to keep moving. 

As I continued on I realised that this side of Gordon was clearly the less fancy side, with the castles and federation homes being replaced by a few awkward stores and a budding business park. 

The last thing I saw before reaching the party was that for some reason somebody had hung a pair of glasses off this tree. 

This is some horror movie "little white girl who asks you to play with her" shit right here.

P.S. I lied about not having bubble tea. 

Gordon: Joseph Gordon Ramsay Levitt


  1. That bridge is probably on google because it's a well-known flying fox watching spot. At sunset if you stand there hundreds will fly over your head.

    1. Sounds amazing, looks like something worthwhile checking out if I find myself at the area in the evening.

  2. That "unusual" pedestrian crossing is how pedestrian crossings all used to be, lit up for safety. Don't see much of that anymore!