An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

This is a suburb that (until now) I don't know anything about. We're still in The Hills , but from what I can tell, this suburb is...

Beau-mont-iful Hills

This is a suburb that (until now) I don't know anything about. We're still in The Hills, but from what I can tell, this suburb is newer than the previous two.

Beaumont Hills

Beaumont Hills is the next suburb from Kellyville, both geographically and in this blog.

My first goal here was to head to an interesting looking park I saw on the map.

I arrived and parked the car in front of this guy's house (who also looks like he just dropped by Homeworld).

The park is called "Turkeys Nest Recreation Park" and I wanted to find out what was the deal. Would I find turkeys nesting? Or maybe there would be turkeys doing recreational activities? I had to know.

The first clue was these pots with cows printed on them. The plot thickens.
The plot thickens

Seriously though, what I did find was actually a pretty interesting piece of land. Wide and with not much on it, I was surprised that this was right in the middle of suburbia.

This park has a small "pier" which I made my way towards.

Walking on this pier has you overlooking what looks like a dried pond. I'm no geologist, so I have no idea what's going on here, but I like it.

The great thing about this park though is that it's perched on a moderately sized hill, which means you get a decent view of the surrounding area. You can see the brand new North-West Rail Link in the distance here too. This is the part of the trainline which runs overground. 

Disappointed in the lack of turkeys, I made my way back to the car and had a bit of a drive through the suburb. 

On this drive, I had a revelation about what Beaumont Hills is. 

You buy the house in Kellyville, you drive 5 minutes down the road, and you build it in Beaumont Hills. This is quite a "Homeworldy" place. 

I also noticed the same pattern of car ownership here: your two options are second hand Japanese, or pricey luxury. 

Parking and going for a walk, I felt a bit of sadness as I walked through Beaumont Hills.

You see, this suburb is in a beautiful location. There are still plenty of trees, I found this lovely lake, and there were even ducks(!) 

This suburb even has bike lanes which is rather rare for suburbia.

So why did I feel sad? This should be a "lifestyle" area. 

It's the afternoon, it's a weekend, and the streets are beautiful. 

And yet, there's nobody on the streets. Everybody is in their huge houses, with their cars parked outside. What a waste. 

Beaumont Hills - It turned me into a minimalist.