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So the suburb after this one is kind of massive. To counteract it, here is the smallest suburb in NSW ( according to Wikipedia anyway ). ...

Who Made This One a Suburb: Englorie Park

So the suburb after this one is kind of massive. To counteract it, here is the smallest suburb in NSW (according to Wikipedia anyway).

Englorie Park

You may remember the "Wasting Everybody's Time" Award from the 2018 Golden Ibises. Well, Englorie Park is practically a shoe-in for the 2019 Award, because this suburb tallies three streets, 157 homes and 416 residents.

I drove the short distance from my previous suburb of Blair Athol to enter Englorie Park.

Before I entered the suburb properly though, I stopped on the main road which is half in Campbelltown and half in Englorie Park, in order to catch a sneak peak of the suburb.

This is riveting stuff people.

I turned into the Englorie Park's only road entry, got out of the car and started walking.

The first thing I noticed on entering the suburb was this child care centre.

In and of itself, that is not notable, but the building is actually quite pretty and appears to be historic.

While Blair Athol chose to fill itself with somewhat excessive McMansions, Englorie Park is a little bit more of a modest affair, with smaller single story family homes seeming to be the norm.

Walking through the suburb, I got the impression that they don't expect anybody to actually walk on these streets, with some pretty unfriendly footpaths (or lack thereof).

Pleasingly, the suburb does contain a little bit more parkland than you would expect for such a small place. I thought it was a nice touch that this large townhouse complex backs out onto this park.

I have to say though, for an area that's probably intended for young families, the townhouse complex is really not a fan of any outdoor fun whatsoever.

Englorie Park does seem to have at least one resident with a sense of humour though. This house has a fun little... display? dining area? thing in their front yard, complete with planters made of tyres and a cute little outdoor table.

Having seen everything the suburb has to offer, I peeled out of here quicker than the paint on this speedbump sign, and made my way to visit a real suburb.

Englorie Park: Why.


  1. I used to live here and the Englorie Park House is indeed historic. Before the houses were built, the area was all scrubby bush and long grass. There was a fire access road that roughly followed Englorie Park Drive.

    The path that runs alongside the park was a goat track that residents from Ambarvale would use to walk to Macarthur Square.

    Glad you did a profile on this suburb even though it was tiny. Keep up the good work. I see you did Annandale recently, I spent my infant years there.

  2. Hi,i just found your article on the lovely
    and cosy Englorie Park suburb. Unlike you I enjoy living here. This smallest suburb in NSW has everything you need at a walking distance. Hospital, shops, schools, transport. Yet, this little suburb offers you the quiet street lifestyle that people seek to achieve these days. I invite you to return and have a second look. If for nothing then at least for an update on that front garden with the painted tires. I have added more things to it. See you soon.

    1. Hi J. Thanks for reading. There's really nothing wrong with the place, but there's no need for it to be it's own suburb being that it's essentially three streets tucked into its larger neighbours.