An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

I'm really getting obscure here with my Outer West foray into Campbelltown's surrounds. Blair Athol This is Blair Athol. It s...

The Blair Athol Project

I'm really getting obscure here with my Outer West foray into Campbelltown's surrounds.

Blair Athol

This is Blair Athol. It should really be part of Campbelltown, because they've literally used safety scissors to cut a few streets out of Campbelltown and called it a day (seriously, look at the map).

Regardless, it is its own suburb and thus I am obligated to explore it and give my thoughts.

I drove here from my previous suburb Woodbine which is just a couple of streets away.

Upon entering, I immediately found a suburb full of large and modern McMansiony type family homes, very reminiscent of The Hills district in the city's north.

Interestingly, these houses here back into a noise barrier. I initially thought it was because the street borders the Hume Motorway, but that turned out not to be true. It turns out that the barrier is just to stop us from hearing the riffraff in bordering Campbelltown. (Seriously though, there are some industrial buildings on the other side so I guess that's why).

I have to say though, I do like the styling of the roundabouts in downtown Blair Athol. I find them pleasing.

Driving through the suburb, the homes seem fairly conservative, except for this bloke whose wife decided he wants to live in a daffodil coloured house,

and this person, who's modelled their home after the car Homer Simpson built for his brother's company

Further into the suburb, I drove through this dip in the road.

At this dip is actually a gorgeous little pond, complete with some excellent ducks who emerged from the shrubbery once I appeared, presumably expecting food. 

As a good boi who reads signage, I did not feed the ducks.

The ringleader lead them back once they realised they weren't being fed.

If you follow a dirt path from here you enter a small bushland oasis from suburbia. The perfect place to stop for a sip of water before continuing along.

I continued to the last (and some many argue only) point of interest in Blair Athol. 

This is Blair Athol Community Centre. Now it may seem like a bog standard little community centre but it's actually in an awesome place. 

The centre sits in a small park containing tributes to some of the local wildlife which can apparently be found here.

Also in this park is a chess board, a ping pong table and a few more bits and bobs for kids to play on. Mad.

Now, I would've called it a day for Blair Athol but I'm an idiot and saw a tall hill so thought it would be good to climb on a 35 degree day.

As I advanced towards the top, a bench materialised.

It turns out at the top is a children's playground and a view of the surrounding suburbs, which wasn't really worth the climb. 

As I drove out of this suburb and towards my next, Blair Athol decided to throw up a quick gang sign so that they would know whose turf I was in.

Blair Athol: Where to live if you want a big house in vanilla suburbia, 55km from the city centre. 

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  1. Love your reporting on the place. I only moved here about a year ago, but instantly became charmed by the place. I do recognise some of the landmarks, like that yellow house! :D Although I was upset when you called the hill top park "Children's Playground". I'm 30 and a regular gym goer. BTW, the council is currently revitalising the top hill gym.
    Thanks for your photos.