An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

Here's my bread and butter, another obscure suburb in Western Sydney that nobody's ever heard of. I also get to stretch a Simpson...

Who Keeps the Martians Under Wraps: Colebee

Here's my bread and butter, another obscure suburb in Western Sydney that nobody's ever heard of. I also get to stretch a Simpsons joke for way too long.


From my previous post in Schofields, I kept driving until I crossed the border into Colebee. As soon as I entered the suburb, my first thought was "Oh no, they got you too."

The drive through Schofields to get here was mainly through an older and particularly "horsey" bit of the suburb, so I wasn't expecting Colebee to be all new housing and construction too, but alas.

That being said, there's a bit more variety here than Schofields' new developments,

despite just about every house having those stupid black roofs that all new houses have. Perfect for your 40 degree Western Sydney summers.

This is a Google Maps satellite view over a piece of the suburb which shows what I'm talking about. Yikes.

One thing I don't mind about these new suburbs are the small parks they like to dot around here and there. Usually, you don't get much more than a couple benches and some play equipment, but it's probably good enough considering that most of the kids are staying inside in the air conditioned hotboxes anyway.

I may have visited Colebee prematurely though, as the suburb still apparently has a little community commercial precinct currently under construction.

Next to the shops-to-be is a branch of that secret society that Homer Simpson joined in an early episode of The Simpsons.

Sadly, there did not appear to be a branch of the No Homers anywhere.

The Stonecutters use their Coleebee location to run a golf club. While golf isn't exactly my thing, they do appear to have a nice piece of land to play on so all the best to them.

It's hard to get excited about a place like Colebee. It's not grotesque like some corners of Schofields (although some have tried),

but it's not exactly the kind of place that inspires great artists to visit from across the lands either.

It's just a place.

I hopped back in the car to see if there was anything else of interest before I continued to the next Northwestern suburb.

Close to the suburb's western end, there's (understandably I suppose) a small cluster of real-estate peddlers. These aren't of much interest in and of themselves,

except for this bizarre showroom who couldn't be bothered to mow their lawn. Arty.

Just around the corner, however, there is a pretty cool spot.

This is the (dry) Bells Creek.

It's got a pedestrian bridge. I think it's pretty.

Having exhausted everything a human could possibly say about Colebee, I drove off to the next 'burb.

Colebee: Ever so slightly less generic housing development, headed up by a secret society.

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  1. Cool, my parents live here! We moved in just as the development was opening up, about 4-ish years ago, and it was really not fun having absolutely no public transport for a solid few years until the place started to REALLY get populated.
    Always thought it was incredibly surreal seeing a suburb slowly build itself from the ground up, but it's definitely a lot nicer now than it was then.