An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

The pipey goodness continues, as I proceed to the Western Sydney suburb of Guildford

The Long Pipe Home: Guildford

The pipey goodness continues, as I proceed to the Western Sydney suburb of


As you would be able to deduce, crossing the eastern border of Guildford West led me to Guildford.

On the Guildford side of the border, the heritage pipes continue (I spoke a little bit more about the pipes back in my last post at Guildford West if you want to find out more) and so I took this adjacent pedestrian and cycleway to begin my exploring.

The path runs behind people's houses,

which meant that the helpful fence surrounding the pipes managed to stop someone's laundry from blowing away. Handy.

Eventually, the path opens up and runs you into more standard Western Sydney suburbia, 

where duplex houses are clearly in vogue.

But I continued on, and was soon boxed in by fences once more.

Earlier, I said that this was a cycle and pedestrian only path. That turned out to be incorrect, as evidenced by this pink vehicle available for use.

I'm spending a lot of time talking about this silly path but I actually really like it. My goal was to head to the town centre before I ran out of sun, and what better way to do so than on a friendly piece of public infrastructure running parallel to an interesting piece of historic infrastructure?

Eventually, the path continues on to the next suburb, so I said goodbye to the pipes 

and turned left towards the town centre and train station.

After a short distance, but not before passing the local school,

and a local war memorial dedicated to Guildford-ians who served in the World Wars,

I made it to the town centre. 

On this side of the station, things are pretty low key. Like it's northern neighbour Merrylands, Middle Eastern is still the theme, with a number of Middle Eastern markets and bakeries representing. 

I always have to give special respect to Middle Eastern sweet shops who pile their offerings into a pyramid.

There's not too much else on this side of the station, apart from this African market,

so I took the mural-ed up ramp under the station to check out the other side. 

As you may expect, Sunday evening at Guildford isn't exactly Times Square.

But that being said, this is clearly the more active side of commercial Guildford, with more than just Middle Eastern minimarts.

It would be unfair to call commercial Guildford underwhelming, being that not many places in Sydney have a lot of night time bustle, but still, it's whelming at best.

I said my goodbyes to this okay suburb, and headed back to the station.

Guildford: I like the pipe-path.