An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

We're back in The Shire . This isn't just any Shire suburb, this is the capital of The Shire! Sutherland

Kiefer Sutherland

We're back in The Shire. This isn't just any Shire suburb, this is the capital of The Shire!


Last I left you, I hopped onto a train from the odd little suburb of Waterfall. Fourteen minutes later I was in Sutherland.

As a dirty northerner, this is a suburb I'm reasonably sure I've never been to, so, leaving the station, I was curious to see what Sutherland has to offer.

Heading out the east side of the station, I found myself in the suburb's commercial centre, full of small shops primarily selling food.

Here you get all of the standards that you find in any Aussie commercial centre, your Vietnamese bakery, your cafes, your kebabbery, your fish and chip shop and, of course, mortgages.

I continued deeper into the suburb to see what I could find, and found that Sutherland is a rather nice, tree-lined sort of place.

Look how quaint this church is.

On the other hand this multi-purpose centre is so generic that it hurts.

From nearby here, I found myself in this lovely little park which appears to have a little bit of Asian influence, particularly with its Great Wall fence.

It then connects into a wider, more open area with benches and whatnot. How lovely.

This wasn't the only park I liked in Sutherland though. A block away from that park is the Forby Sutherland Memorial Park, which you enter through this hedge archway that I am told is an arbour.

The gardens here are quite beautiful, with bright flowers, spongy grass and places to sit.

The birds like it too.

I continued on back towards the tree-lined commercial centre.

Here I immediately found The Shire's council building,

as well as a war memorial in front of Sutherland Entertainment Centre, where there was some event with those little dance girls who wear super tight hair and leotards. Those little girls creep me out so I kept moving.

This took me through a sleepy arcade, and back to the shops in front of the station.

I crossed to the other side of the station to quickly check out this side of Sutherland before heading to my next 'burb.

This took me westbound,

through tree-lined residential streets full of flats and townhouses.

Suburbia quickly ended and I hit a dead end in front of one final park. The picture I took came out blurry so here's Google Street view instead. 

A fire trail led the way forward.

This fire trail is quite interesting. You see, to the right of you is Sutherland Park, where people do things like play weekend soccer and rugby.

On the left is the absolutely massive Woronora Memorial Park, a cemetery.

The trail eventually narrows,

and becomes straight up bushland.

From within the bushwalk making up Prince Edward Park, I entered the next suburb.

Sutherland: The land of many parks.