An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

Let's keep going through St George . Turrella

Just: Turrella

Let's keep going through St George.


When I last left you, I was crossing over from my previous suburb into Turrella's bounds. This is immediately a different place to Wolli Creek.

Rather than the brand new apartment blocks of Wolli Creek, Turrella takes us back to suburbia.

But before I got stuck into residential Turrella, its industrial side had to make itself known. Here's a funky pipe running its way under the train line,

and for the truly intrepid explorer, you can even climb underneath, for some reason.

Continuing along, I found myself on a street skirting Turrella's two regions.

On the right hand side - industry, with a stack of these,

and one of those.

The left hand side offers up mountainous views of some bog standard suburban houses.

As you might expect, you have your small and dainty,

your new and... duplexy,

and this one that forgot to be maintained.

And all of this on a relatively nice and flat, tree lined road.

Eventually I turned and headed northwest towards the station.

On the way, a few more small and dainties appeared.

As well as a decent little view over the train line of the suburb yonder.

By the station, there's a slightly uncharacteristic block of apartments,

but I think they look reasonably OK.


From here, there's a bridge to cross over the train tracks,

back into a small industrial pocket,

and to a rather idyllic little pedestrian bridge over to the next suburb.

Turrella: It... exists.

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