An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

Here's another Inner Western  suburb with a handful of interesting stops. Lewisham

Louie's Ham: Lewisham

Here's another Inner Western suburb with a handful of interesting stops.


When it comes to suburbs of the Inner West, Lewisham is one that you straight up never think about. Petersham has chicken, Leichhardt has Italians and Marrickville has, well, everything. But what does Lewisham have?

To find out, I took a thirteen minute train ride from Central and hopped out at the suburb's station.

Like every good Inner West suburb, there's weird Star Wars-y street art visible through the station's fence, because why wouldn't there be.

Leaving the station north, Lewisham immediately tried to show off its goods, with some rather majestic religious buildings hitting me as I exited. Good start.

This street is actually chock-full of holy old buildings,

although this particular one was currently under maintenance.

Alongside the church's buildings are also some fairly Inner West houses, with frilly railings and plenty of foliage.

You know you're in the Inner West when you pass a duck's eulogy while strolling the streets. Poor Daphne, she sounded like a trooper.

Concerningly, a new friend has taken over Daphne's perch.

Lewisham doesn't extend very far north of the station so I crossed back over the tracks,

and resumed my journey to the south.

Interestingly, this led me to a modern, brand-spanking new apartment development.

As new developments go, this one is quite nice - it even features a public ping pong table.

Hopefully this is one of the ones that doesn't fall down, because it makes for quite an interesting contrast with its surroundings, including a light rail stop and this former flour mill.

Across the road from these new apartments are more small and cute standard issue Inner West houses.

I continued my southern Lewisham quest to see what else I might see here.

More pretty old things,

of which these ones give me a Southwest USA vibe. I'm not sure why.

I also found this rad ladybug mailbox. I want one.

Look, Lewisham isn't the most exciting place in the world, but it still has that typical Inner West feel that makes its streets enjoyable enough to walk around,

between its curly trees,

people who put three leather boots and a book on feminism for council cleanup,

terrifying murals,

and this mosaiced pointy thing which turned out to be a sewer vent.

After my brief exploration of the suburb's southern streets, I found myself back at the station, ready to call it.

Lewisham: All the weirdness that you expect when you head into the Inner West.