An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

This is one of Sydney's many suburbs that nobody's ever heard of. Clemton Park

Clutching at Straws: Clemton Park

This is one of Sydney's many suburbs that nobody's ever heard of.

Clemton Park

What's a Clemton Park?

So it turns out that if you start at Earlwood, take a ten-minute bus westbound, hop out, and cross the road, you end up in a tiny suburb known as Clemton Park. I know this, because that's what I did.

When I say that this suburb is tiny, I really mean it. Looking at the map, I count eleven total streets in Clemton Park. Here's the first one.

Like most irrelevant suburbs, this one is entirely residential suburbia.

As I entered, I found houses on the slightly newer side,

with a handful being hot off the presses. (Where did this weird boxy design that a lot of new houses have come from? Are people jumping up and down to live in a removalist truck?)

This house has a satisfyingly slanty roof. You'll never get your ball stuck up the top of this bad boy.

Can you tell I'm trying to stretch this post out?

Now I did manage to take this slightly suspicious grass alleyway,

to find the local park (which felt like it took up most of the suburb's footprint).

The park overlooks the backyard of its next door neighbour, the local bowling club.

The club goes by the name Campsie South, which means that the good people of Clemton Park know that this isn't a real suburb.

I often will skip pointing out things like bowling clubs, because I feel they're not that interesting. This one is an exception. You see, they have the most amazing Microsoft Word 1997 word art sign outside. Some designs truly are timeless.

From here, I continued on,

past a few cute houses,

and across the most adorably named Cup and Saucer Creek, which turned out to weakest stream of water of water I've ever seen.

On the other end of the "creek" are the gates to my next suburb (spoilers ahead!)

Clemton Park: If a suburb is in Sydney and no one knows it's there, does it really exist?


  1. The only reason to go to Clemton Park is for chicken (fried and/or Portuguese) at Nieo's Grille on William St!