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From the people who brought you Curl Curl, beach month continues into North Curl Curl

A Month of Beaches Part 6: North Curl Curl

From the people who brought you Curl Curl, beach month continues into

North Curl Curl

I last left you as I was crossing the bridge north from Curl Curl into its northern counterpart. Arriving, I was presented with three options.

1. Continue north into suburban North Curl Curl.

2. Turn left and walk into this suspicious bushland hugging Curl Curl Lagoon

3. Cross the street and head off-road, towards the direction of the coast.

This is beach month, so I chose option three.

That option took me to the end of a cul-de-sac adorably named Surf St, featuring this nifty pelican box,

and some well-kept houses.

Keep going,

and you'll hit another bit of the lagoon, as it does its best to look picturesque.

The path then converts from a paved walkway to a dirt trail surrounded by shrubbery.

Along this trail, you do feel like you've "discovered" something, with some very pretty purple flowers growing from the bushes,

and even a chance to meet the friendly locals. 
North Curl Curl Lizard

All this with a view up ahead of where the lagoon meets the beach, and the two-legged locals enjoying the spot.

It didn't take me too long to reach the spot myself, but I didn't stick around as this is actually just the northern tip of the same beach I'd just visited in Curl Curl.

Instead, I escaped uphill into a car park,

where I took these kindly labeled stairs further uphill.
Nature Walk

This is where North Curl Curl shows off its treasures, with sweeping views of Curl Curl beach,

a peek at the local neighbourhood,

and the rock swimming pool. For some reason a colonial ship was ominously appearing in the distance too. 

On this track, a signpost pointed the way to get to the pool. Naturally, I obeyed the sign.

The way to the pool opens up more great views of the surrounding shores.

The trail guides you to take the significant set of stairs down from the cliffs to reach the pool.

I made a few more friends down here too.

Curiously, the ominous ship continued closer.

Leaving the pool, I continued back up the stairs to return to the walking track.

This time I found some carved boulders,

some "well-done" flora,

and more spots to look out onto the Northern Beaches.

I also have to mention that I saw a small and round rabbit which was too quick to photograph. I know we're not supposed to like rabbits running around our bushland due to being an introduced species and all, but you can't be mad at something so damn cute. Here's a sign featuring native bushland instead.

Continuing along, I ran into this ocean lookout,

where you can look at the crashing cliffs below,

the neighbouring Fancy Homes,

and Europeans emerging from the ocean's bushfire smoke in order to colonise the Northern Beaches. Worried they'd consider North Curl Curl to be Terra Nullius, I decided to start wrapping up my time in the suburb. 

To get out, I had to head back into the bush,

down this boardwalk,

and then up some stairs,

to surface onto the street.

Incidentally, had I continued north instead of leaving the walk, the track would've led me onto Dee Why, the next Northern Beach up the coastline. 

Once back onto the street, I waltzed through a portion of suburban North Curl Curl. Here, it was apparent that the average North Curlian is rather well off, with the local housing sporting plenty of balcony and glass,

with the exception of this hockey-mask of a house.

Expensive European metal parked outside these well-to-do houses is also a common sight.

The streets are also rather hilly, allowing for beach views,

and the chance for an interesting photo or two.

I soon found a bus stop that would take me away for the day, featuring an ad for what I'm sure is some quality TV programming. 

North Curl Curl: Spend an afternoon in this wonderful reserve, before the Europeans make landfall. 

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  1. Those fancy homes at the cliff top are part of a (gated) estate called Windy Dropdown - the subdivision of an estate that originally held a modern-designed house of the same name, that had a battle to obtain approval for construction.
    You missed the duck pond in the middle of the park - or was that included in the exploration of (South) Curl Curl?