An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

The first batch of suburbs I covered on this blog, back in 2018, were a stack of ten in  St George . Here's me checking two more off ...

Just Some Irrelevant Suburbs: Beverley Park and Ramsgate

The first batch of suburbs I covered on this blog, back in 2018, were a stack of ten in St George. Here's me checking two more off from the region.

Beverley Park

Just like Carlton before it, Beverley Park is an entirely anonymous suburb, sitting somewhere vaguely in Southern Sydney. Per my routine, I crossed the suburban bounds by foot.

Immediately to my right, St George Leagues club, a place where I'm sure you can gamble away your aged pension cheque,

followed by a pleasingly small cul-de-sac, complete with floral roundabout.

Neither of those two things called out to me today, so I continued on to see what else Beverley Park holds. I crossed a sad canal,

before finding myself at another club - this one the local golf club.

If golf is not your thing, there is a a pleasant enough public sports field across the road in the interestingly named "Spooner Park". Here you can kick a ball around,

or practice your cricket bowling.

I turned away from The Spooners, taking a residential street by the golf club.

This street allowed me to take in more of the crap canal (with bonus cockatoos),

as well as peek into the golf course. The golf course is a golf course, and so here you can spot upper-middle class retirees drive around in tiny cars while wearing funny pants. If you're like me though, you'll find the cute ducks waddling around more interesting.

I was expecting that the golf club might not take too kindly to some scruffy looking millennial taking photos through the bushes,

so I kept moving.

So, is there anything else in Beverley Park? Not really, from what I could tell.

You've got some fairly bog-standard suburban houses,

sprinkled in amongst more views of the golfer's greens.

Now, remember the canal from earlier? It it turns out that it flows out into quite a nice park on the Georges River. However, that's actually part of San Souci, a suburb I ticked off back in 2018, so please do not look at the below photo.

From Not-Beverley-Park, I was on a semi-main road,

where by walking up this reasonably steep hill, I was able to continue to my next suburb.

Beverley Park: She went to your school.


Do you remember the tiny suburb of Ramsgate Beach? No? I don't blame you.

Well it turns out that if you walk up a hill from Beverley Park, you get to Ramsgate. 

I'm not going to beat around the bush here, I don't know why Ramsgate and Ramsgate Beach are two separate suburbs. They're both tiny, each with dimensions of around 500m by 700m, they're both next to each other, and they're both Ramsgates.

While Ramsgate Beach features a beautiful strip of beach, a supermarket, and a handful of houses in its modest footprint, Ramsgate instead squanders its small plot of land. 

It's got a rather quiet shopping strip along a well-trafficked road,

where you can at least go to Magic School (I'm still waiting for an owl to drop off my acceptance letter). 

It's got some unassuming twentieth-century suburbia,

with apartments starting to creep through.

And it's got the Sans Souci Literary Institute, a building from 1920 which turned out to be just a community hall.

My goal was to catch a bus to my next suburb, so I headed back to the commercial strip, and started on its southern half.

Here, things are marginally less asleep,

apart from this single Greek cafe - The Good Filo. While I didn't stop here today, the Google reviews do suggest that this cafe-cum-bakery-cum-restaurant is the place to be in Ramsgate. 

But alas, the bus was coming soon, so I headed to the bus stop across the road from these houses that aren't sure if they're residential or commercial,

and waited for my ride out.

Ramsgate: A celebration of mediocrity.