An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

After Sunday's shenanigans , let's get back into it. North Willoughby

Transmogrification: North Willoughby

After Sunday's shenanigans, let's get back into it.

North Willoughby

Leaving Willoughby East, I entered North Willoughby on foot.

I only managed to take a few steps in the suburb's residential south before finding myself in a small shopping street first marked by this pretty hardware store.

Across the road from the hardware store - North Shore staples, such as boutique homewares,

and numerous restaurants and cafes.

Further up the road is the High Street Market, i.e. the furry building which houses the local supermarket, butcher and fish monger.

North Willoughby was the fifth suburb I'd visited that day, which means that by that point I'd worked up an appetite. Luckily, the fish shop also does takeaway.

On the menu was the standard fish and chip shop stuff, except for one item that intrigued me. A calamari burger.

I wasn't sure what to expect ordering a calamari burger. Would it have some sort of calamari patty that they've mooshed together? The answer turned out to be a lot more simple. Get a (very) crusty bread roll, throw in some salad, and finally add a couple of calamari rings.

The end result was acceptable.

I don't think McDonalds will be adding calamari burgers to their menu any time soon, but for a reasonably healthy light lunch, putting some calamari rings in some bread works fine (even if it tears up the roof of your mouth).

Continuing on, the commercial area ended as quickly as it started.

This found me, once more, in North Shore suburbia, where I found nothing too new,

apart from these impressive hedges.

Continuing on, the suburb began to change once more, with apartments up ahead,

and even a stray Armenian flag.

This is where things get a little less North Shore and a little more... Western Sydney?

Amongst the flats, I found myself strolling through an unscheduled council cleanup,

that the council is investigating according to the police tape. I'm sure they've assigned their top forces to the job.

And soon, one more commercial district began.

This one, however, is much less sanitised than the one around the corner.

Yes, you've still got a butcher and fish shop,

but you can also check out a proper Asian supermarket,

the impressive local pub,

and just about anything else you can think of, from cakes, to post, to Lebanese sweets.

My personal highlight though? The extremely generically named Fashion Australia. My uneducated guess by peeking through their window is that they do Chinese bridal clothing,

but their hot pink couches are truly something to behold.

At the next intersection, this suburb finished and I started on my next.

North Willoughby: All things to all people.