An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

For now, I'm done with the East . It's time to head back to the big, wide region that I believe is this city's beating hear...

A Hilly Outlook: Pemulwuy

For now, I'm done with the East.

It's time to head back to the big, wide region that I believe is this city's beating heart - Western Sydney.


Pemulwuy is a suburb I'd never really heard of before, although I'd heard the name of the man. This suburb is named after Pemulwuy, a Bidjigal warrior who led a twelve year war of resistance against the British in the final years of the 1700s. If you don't know much about this man, I recommend spending a bit of time reading up on his Wikipedia article. Not knowing his story before before, I found the article a fantastic insight into a little bit of Western Sydney's history, with the story of a remarkable man who took arms to defend his homeland against foreign invaders. 

Anyway, that's just the name. Is the actual suburb any good?

Coming into Pemulwuy by car, I parked to start my exploration. 

Immediately, I found a pleasant but fairly unremarkable residential place. 

Modern, but not garish, houses. 

A local park,

with a barbeque, tennis courts, and miniature roads,

and this being the west, doughnut tyre marks on the grass. 

First impression? Quaint.

I continued a little deeper into the suburb, driving up this hill,

in order to dip my toes into the local Marrong Reserve.

This is a park on a hill with walking paths,


and if you make the trek uphill,

you get to sit

and take in only-just-okay views.

Regardless, it's a nice bit of parkland in amongst all the houses.


I jumped back into the car and continued on to check out the other end of the suburb.

This followed a very similar theme, with more modern houses,

and more parkland.

The drawcard of this bit of park, however, is that it features a surprisingly good lake,

complete with a viewing platform,

views of the surrounding suburbia,

and, yes, ducks.

Having enjoyed my afternoon layover in this well presented Western Sydney pocket, I returned to the car and continued onto my next suburb. 

Pemulwuy: Manufactured suburbia, without the dystopian undertones.


  1. Yay! Ducks, always a highlight for me too.

    1. Both adorable and delicious.

    2. the best kind of duck is one that's roasted.

  2. There are some hidden gems here. Some great cafes also