An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

This next suburb features a few select points of interest, nestled solidly in Sydney's West . Prospect

All Rights Reservoired: Prospect

This next suburb features a few select points of interest, nestled solidly in Sydney's West.


My visit to Prospect was one of convenience, having found myself with a car in Western Sydney for the afternoon. I had checked off my previous suburb of Pemulwuy, and jumped back into the car to check out some of the neighbouring sights.

The first stop was right over the suburb's border, marked by these Sydney Water gates (apologies for the lightwashed photo). On first glance, this looks like somewhere you're not supposed to be, but apparently coming here is not trespassing so on I went.

This leads you to a long and straight remote-feeling road,

with lush surrounds,

(and some industry too).

Following the road,

I passed this cottage which is apparently part of a work site,

and some Sydney Water Things,

before reaching my destination.

This is Prospect Reservoir, a body of water owned by Sydney Water. I assume that we drink it.

At this site is also a large rectangle of grass you can enjoy,

and a plaque about its history that my attention span did not allow me to read.

Concerningly, you also seem to be allowed to drive a boat on it.

I left the area and continued up the road.

Not too far from the reservoir is Prospect's entertainment district.

Here, you've got the water park formerly known as Wet 'n' Wild (now called Raging Waters, for some reason),

you've got a drive-in-cinema which only opens at night (hence the unwelcoming gates on my visit) and whose sign faces the M4 Motorway (hence my snazzy picture of the back of the sign),

and you've got a hotel, in case you've crossed the lands to take part in these amenities.

Having checked out Prospect's water supply, and the waterslides where it ends up, I thought it would be good to poke my head into the suburb's residential district too before calling it a day.

This place looks exactly how I remember Western Sydney suburbia looking from when I was a wee lad, with unassuming single story homes on wide and flat plots of land.

Of course, some folks have renovated or rebuilt since then,

but most of the houses seem to still be in the classic Aussie suburbia style.

Taking a short stroll through the streets, I stumbled upon a fairly large nature reserve (some trees and long grass).

Here, I found what I assume are ancient Roman ruins,

and, on the road next to the park, markings on the street from what I assume are the aliens who helped the Romans build said ruins.

Satisfied with my amateur archaeology, I jumped back in the car and called it a day.

Prospect: It's got a giant puddle of drinking water.


  1. The drive in hosts a vibrant market every Sunday. Blacktown Markets. It's a great day out with loads of different things to buy, a mixture of new and second hand, FOOD, fresh vegetables, plants, clothing, fashion, books, dvds, CDs, and garage style items.

    1. Sounds like one worth checking out once this apocalypse passes.