An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

My next stop is the junction that connects the Eastern Suburbs to the outside world. Bondi Junction

Reasonably Fine: Bondi Junction

My next stop is the junction that connects the Eastern Suburbs to the outside world.

Bondi Junction

Having just hopped off my bus from Woollahra, I found myself in the relative bustle of Bondi Junction.

Taking a few steps from my bus stop landed me firmly in the suburb's commercial district, as I entered a well-worn shopping plaza.

Immediately, I found this area somewhat bizarre, with some angles feeling a little bit 1992,

and some, rather more modern.

Leaving the plaza, the interesting mishmash of Bondi Junction's commercial centre continues, with construction,


the well-used local pub,

and the shiny glass of the Westfield.

Sprinkle in an above-average level of pedestrian traffic and an above-average level of tall buildings, and you get an above-average place to stroll around in.

As well as the commercial area, my map showed a large park on the suburb's eastern border, so I thought it would be best to take my exploration in that direction.

This took me away from the shops and past these interestingly decorated, but outrageously dirty electrical boxes,

past a wellness centre situated in a fairly un-zen spot,

as well as this interesting looking skinny apartment with wonky balconies.

I continued east through the creatively named Bondi Road,

where I found a surprisingly interesting set of homes,

by the entirely unexciting Waverley Council building.

Now, good news or bad news?

Good news - I found the park (Waverley Park) next to the council chambers. I have a better picture but this one involved pigeons in flight, which I thought was cool.

Bad news - the park turned out to look more interesting on the map than in reality.

Here, I found a war memorial,

some paths,

and this hill.

At the top of the hill is Waverley Reservoir, aka a couple of beige buildings.

On a side note, if you're after some heritage water infrastructure, I might instead recommend the Boothtown Aqueduct in Greystanes. It's a little bit more visually interesting.

The park also features decent looking sports facilities, with some ovals and tennis courts.

It might be a bit harsh to say that I was underwhelmed by the park, but I certainly wasn't overwhelmed.

As such, and feeling just whelmed, I left the park and took a small residential street to enter my next suburb.

Bondi Junction: The excitement of the Eastern Suburbs' most famous place name, minus the sand.