An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

So we've established your name isn't Dean , and it isn't Glen . But what if you're a little plump? Plumpton

Making Waves: Plumpton

So we've established your name isn't Dean, and it isn't Glen. But what if you're a little plump?


Landing just west of my previous suburb of Glendenning is Western Sydney's Plumpton. Per my day's exploration so far, I crossed into the suburb by car, entering through its southern border.

This placed me on an entirely uninteresting residential street.

It's not all red-brick suburbia though. Here I found an interesting Serbian church,

with some head-scratching graffiti on the security sign perched on the fence out the front.

Continuing past the church,

I pressed deeper into suburban Plumpton, finding a surprising patch of bushland,

a Polish sports club,

and more completely ordinary suburbia.

Continuing up the road took me to Plumpton Park, the suburb's local bit of greenery.

This is a surprisingly large, natural feeling park, with plenty of gum trees,

picnic tables,

and even a lake,

with plenty of local waterfowl to say hello to.

From here, there're also plenty of paths to go on an afternoon stroll. Not quite a bushwalk, but it beats walking through a Westfield.

This park is nestled in amongst Plumpton's suburbia.

Having glossed over it so far, I figured I should give it a shot before heading to the next suburb. My exploration was centred around this odd little sector of Plumpton which calls itself Sanctuary Park.

This nosebleedingly exciting place features modernish single storey brick houses,

and streets that are wavy for no reason.

Seriously, look at the map. What is going on here?
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With that out of the way, I left Sanctuary Park and Plumpton.

Plumpton: Pluses: Interesting Eastern European influence, waterbirds. Minuses: Wavy streets.


  1. The wild, wild west! Did you get rebucked?

  2. hello mate, i have one suggestion for the blog. I'm not sure about what others think, but I reckon it would be good if you put the google map showing the suburb's location at the top of the suburb report, so people (myself included) can orientate themselves with the location prior to undergoing the exploration.

    Egardrays, Uburbsay oergay

    1. That's a good idea. I'm always trying to place the suburb and looking forward to the map, but a good test for the mind ....

  3. There was a controversial tv show based on the highschool, "Plumpton High Babies", which made the suburb infamous. The school's most recent principal won Australia's best for 2019 - such progress for an otherwise fairly average western suburb. The wavey streets are meant to deter speed demons I guess. Also, that lake is a pleasant surprise. Love your work!

    1. Of, course, I saw that doco and didn,t even realise it was this place. Good place for such a doco I guess. But hold on, no bonus ducks?