An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

Since you're reading this, perhaps my  last post didn't excite you because your name isn't Dean. Perhaps your name is Glen, ...

Filler Content: Glendenning

Since you're reading this, perhaps my last post didn't excite you because your name isn't Dean. Perhaps your name is Glen, is there a suburb for you?


Sitting immediately to the south of Dean Park, Glendenning is another entirely unknown piece of Western Sydney

Again, I drove here, pulling over at an enticing point right at the suburb's northeastern border.

Sitting behind the houses of residential Glendenning is the northernmost point of the huge piece of parkland covering many hectares of Western Sydney - the Western Sydney Parklands.

I started on a walking path to see if the Glendenning piece of the park had anything worth writing about

and despite the close proximity to suburbia,

I was very pleasantly surprised. 

I found a place with flat land, tall grass, not-thick trees, and powerlines, all of which came together to make me feel very small - in a calming way. I've never been to an African savanna, and yet I somehow got savanna vibes from this place. Maybe if we write a few emails the council might import some giraffes to hang out here. 

The path I took looped me around, taking me by a slightly more developed outdoor recreation area,

whereby a took an alleyway back into suburbia.

This bit of suburban Glendenning looks pretty much like every relatively-modern-but-not-too-modern suburb in Sydney's west, with plenty of clean brick and double car garages.

I made my way back to the car to take a cruise through the suburb and see if there was anything to be found.

I found a park called Hillview Park.

The turned out to be a lie.

I also found this guy who got a bunch of new doors recently. 

Towards the suburb's south, the streets get wider, and the residential quarter subsides.

Here, I found a Religious Centre for Oneness,

whose palmtree-lined front yard I found quite attractive.

I also found a beautifully stereotypical looking agricultural plant.

From here, I was at the edge of Glendenning, so I continued to my next suburb.

Glendenning: About as exciting as maths homework, but with a better park.