An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

There are many lovely suburbs on the banks of Sydney Harbour . This is one of them. Kurraba Point

Bib and Bub: Kurraba Point

There are many lovely suburbs on the banks of Sydney Harbour. This is one of them.

Kurraba Point

Like every great foray into the lower North Shore, this journey starts with an obligatory good value cruise starting from Circular Quay ferry wharf. 

After sailing past the city and Prime Minister's house in Kirribilli, the ferry docked in Kurraba Point's neighbouring suburb (Kurraba Point's own ferry terminal was closed today for trackwork)

Luckily, the suburb's bounds were only a single street away. 
First impressions? What a lovely place. Kurraba Point is best characterised by old and really damn pretty houses.
Although trees and fences often obstruct the views. 
I was around 20 minutes early for an appointment I had in this suburb, so I set about exploring the mean streets of Kurraba Point. 
This took me by many fancy homes,
with a fair share of sandstone walls,
and unfortunately steep streets.
Like all good waterside suburbs, Kurraba Point has a waterside park not too far, so I headed that way. 
On the way, you can enjoy teasing glimpses of what's to come.
After a short walk, I reached these bushy stairs. 
These don't lead to the park, but they do lead to the water.
Via some nice gardens, in a "there's probably heaps of spiders here", sort of way. 
Ta da. 
Continuing on,
took me past this cute coffee shop,
and an ad which can simply be summarised as "we're better than you,"
not to mention some more rather fetching abodes,
and this jangly tree.
By the tree of many things, a path opened itself up to Kurraba Point Reserve. 
Stairs are promising. 
Before hitting the park, though, I ran into Kurraba Community Garden. In a world where we're much less likely to know our neighbours than before, I always enjoy seeing these little community gardens.
Kurraba Reserve is, well, a bit of grass in front of the water. Due to the location of this little peninsula, you don't get the post card views of our main landmarks that you do in places like Blues Point Reserve, but this is still a very pleasant place. 

They also have swings on the trees, which is great for the children like me who come to visit. 
It was time to head to my appointment so back I went. 
Bonus flower. 
So what was my appointment? You know those adorable nude gumnut babies Snugglepot and Cuddlepie? Well the author of those books was a lass named May Gibbs and lived here in Kurraba Point, in a house named Nutcote. Nutcote is now a museum. Due to Covid, entry is now only by pre-booked tour, but much to the delight of Mrs Completing Sydney, who I brought with me and failed to mention until now, we had diligently pre-booked one of these tours.
You enter through the gift shop, 
where you met a dog in a harness, 
and head into the lovely little grounds of the house - Nutcote. 
Photography isn't allowed inside the house, but here a friendly volunteer takes you through the house where Gibbs and her husband lived.
It's worth mentioning that Gibbs had a pretty stellar backyard too. 
Also of interest here is the opportunity to transform yourself into a gumnut baby. 
After touring the house, we stopped at the Bib and Bub Tea Room for high tea. 
I've never really understood the point of high tea, but hey you can't go wrong with tea, coffee, sandwiches, scones, lamingtons and brownies.
Following this adorable excursion, it was time to head to the next suburb,
via even more fancy houses. 

Kurraba Point: Nice houses with adorable occupants.


  1. Finally a suburb I have never heard of! Beautiful spot.

  2. I now have a face, albeit a gumnut face for these ramblings.

  3. "mean streets of Kurraba", now THAT'S an oxymoron!!