An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

Here are two more Southwest Sydney suburbs in the great lands of Hoxton. One I half-arse, one I do properly.  Hoxton Park

Keeping Up With The Hoxtons: Hoxton Park and West Hoxton

Here are two more Southwest Sydney suburbs in the great lands of Hoxton. One I half-arse, one I do properly. 

Hoxton Park

Hoxton Park is a suburb best known for being a short walk north of Carnes Hill. The border of the suburb is this roundabout. 

Sun in my face and worn out after completing 4 other suburbs today, I headed down this surprisingly green street,

and found myself at the local primary school.

I only mention this because they have these neat totem poles in their front yard. 

From the school, I continued into Hoxton suburbia. 

This turned out to be a fairly pleasant, albeit unexciting patch of Western Sydney suburbia. 

Tired, and finding myself running a little bit short on time, I decided to take a tactical cut here and not head deeper into the suburb, but instead route myself towards my next. 

This decision led me past another small amount of reasonably modern, but not garishly new, suburbia 

and over the big and wide Cowpasture Road. Crossing this road leads into the other Hoxton. 

Hoxton Park: Because how different could it be from West Hoxton?

West Hoxton

Unsurprisingly, if you start at Hoxton Park and head west, you may just enter West Hoxton. 

At first glance, West Hoxton doesn't seem that different to its motherland, 

but on second glance, it kind of does, with much larger houses,

like, really large. 

So large that the inhabitants apparently drive trucks and buses instead of cars. 

There's also the unfortunate business of this place turning out to be quite hilly too. 

I strolled on through West Hoxton, 

by the large brick homes, 

with well-groomed lawns,

on hilly streets. 

A huge part of West Hoxton's footprint is taken up by the Western Sydney Parklands, a greenbelt running almost the entire length of Western Sydney north-to-south. This meant that from up the top of this hill, 

I was able to depart from looking at expensive houses,

and instead start on a walking trail. 

Like the other bits of the Parklands I've visited, West Hoxton's share holds a bunch of paths,  

through a mixture of bushy and open environments,

and all just a stone's throw from suburbia. 

Rather than head deep into the park today, I just followed this portion of parkland that hugs suburbia.

Despite this, I got to enjoy this lovely, tranquil environment,

before I headed back into suburbia. 

I continued down one of the streets that faces into the undeveloped land, 

where I found that this is where West Hoxtonians have gotten a little bit zany with their housing. 

I followed the street downhill and towards the suburb's eastern border, ready to call it a day.

On the way, I passed more houses (obviously), 

a wide-open local park, 

and finally the border of the suburb. From just over the border, I was able to hop onto a bus and call it a day.

West Hoxton: Really big houses on really big hills.