An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

This isn't Southern France , this isn't Far North Queensland , this is Southwest Sydney .  Carnes Hill Leaving my previous suburb of...

Carnesival: Carnes Hill

This isn't Southern France, this isn't Far North Queensland, this is Southwest Sydney

Carnes Hill

Leaving my previous suburb of Horsingsea Park, I entered Carnes Hill via this half-effort bridge over a creek. 

At first glance, Carnes Hill is yet another newly developed Western Sydney suburb, covered in brick houses with the all-too-common black roofs.

I did meet this one resident who seemed to like the place though. 

Early into the suburb, I had the local shops to my left. I chose to skip the shops today, because I figure you guys aren't too fussed about me doing my groceries,

and so I kept moving. 

Nearly as exciting as me doing my groceries is me walking through a freshly minted suburb. 

Unweathered brick,

very little in terms of front yards, 

and nicely trimmed nature strips. We've all seen it before. 

This route took me through the lands of a real estate sales office, 

and through to the main road,

which I crossed and continued through. 

That building to the left, it turns out is part of the Carnes Hill Community and Recreation Precinct. This is just council speak for "where the community centre, library and a few sports facilities are". 

Hence, you have a playground with kids playing, 

a walking path, 

with public exercise equipment, 

and if you follow the path into the more wooded area, 


After saying goodbye to Medusa, I followed the path back into suburban Carnes Hill,

where I found some grass that they forgot to build houses on, 

presumably due to these intense power lines, 

but also much more of the same. 

I soon walked myself into the next suburb.

Carnes Hill: Hard to get excited about.

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