An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

With the recent announcement of Sydney going into lockdown, I'm left with the awkward situation of putting up more content about travell...

Scootpark: St Clair

With the recent announcement of Sydney going into lockdown, I'm left with the awkward situation of putting up more content about travelling all over Sydney. I'm not a limo driver, I swear.

Before I start, a few small things. 

  1. 1. I currently have a handful of pre-lockdown suburbs banked up at the moment. As I obviously can't be out visiting suburbs for a little bit, I'm going to go back to one post a week for now in order to stretch out my already collected content, hopefully without having to pause like I did last year. I'll just do Sundays for now.
  2. 2. The vote on where I visit in August for my anniversary special closes at the end of this month. If you haven't voted yet, it's your final chance. Hopefully, I'll be able to post these over August as initially planned, but if not, I'll just delay them for a month or so until I'm able to go out again.
  3. 3. If you're an email subscriber to this blog: I have to change the email service I use, as Feedburner (the one I currently use) is shutting down its email subscription service. The next post's email will look different to what you normally receive. I promise it's not a scam. 

With that out of the way, here's another suburb. 

St Clair

Last I left you, I was about to cross this smooth road with the mountains in the background from my previous suburb of Erskine Park, in order to enter St Clair. 

My entry point was this hot-off-the-presses path through a not-quite-complete park.

On this day I'd been out suburbsing with my trusty kick-scooter, and the greenery behind the houses of St Clair had some wonderful footpaths for scooting on. 

This meant that rather than actually checking out the streets of St Clair, I spent my time rolling through this up and down path,

looking at grass and distant homes, 

a spooky tunnel,

and a good amount of trees. 

Eventually, I decided I needed to stop pissing about on my children's toy and take a look at the actual suburb. 

This place is really doing its best to be that middle class, Western Sydney, aspirational suburbia that politicians are always pandering to.

This means good lawns, 

and big, modern houses. 

And, unlike my previous suburb, lots of very fine footpaths,

which I followed into the suburb's commercial centre. 

This was a few outdoor casual dining restaurants 

and a small shopping centre.

As I had no need for 30 packs of toilet paper to load into my SUV, I didn't bother heading into the shops, and instead continued through this surprisingly green suburb. 

This led me back into suburbia, 

and the skatepark. Scooters being the natural prey of skaters, I didn't hang around and kept moving. 

While I'm here, I suppose I should spend a bit more time checking out residential St Clair. 

They have the occasional adorable one-tree roundabout. 

They have plenty of houses, as you may expect. 

Most importantly though, the suburban streets lead you back into the generous surrounds of parkland, 

where you can scoot until you're all scooted out. 

All scooted out, I was now good to catch a bus out of St Clair, calling it a day for my day of suburbsing. 

This bus had clearly only been turned on 25 minutes ago. 

St Clair: Sydney's number one suburb for scootable pathways.


  1. I lived there many moons ago. Was a really nice place to live, quiet, nice people and a good little shopping centre. Almost moved back there recently but ended up in Cambridge Gardens, which is not too bad either.

  2. Pssst..theres a spelling mistake in your Intro, an awkward one
    Great article again!

  3. I caught a bus with this same screen a few weeks ago in St Ives. The screen updated regularly, to a UK timezone. St George Hospital is in NE London (actually Essex) and it is curious indeed to see very different bus services giving us virtual travel options like this! Perhaps pandemic compensation?