An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

I continue my escapades through the not-quite-beaches bit of the  Northern Beaches .  North Balgowlah

A Cat Tie Event: North Balgowlah

I continue my escapades through the not-quite-beaches bit of the Northern Beaches

North Balgowlah

When I left you, I was crossing this suburban creek from Seaforth to enter this suburb. 

Immediately, I arrived at quite a pleasant streetscape, with bush on one side,

and expensive looking beachy-houses on the other.

I also ran into the local enterprise - pet bow ties. I have no affiliation with this seller, but if you're looking for some formalwear for your puppy's first Christmas, HBfurryfriends on Etsy is apparently the place to be. 

While thinking about the state of our consumer society that we produce and purchase bow ties for pets, I headed up this slightly vertical street.  

Like below, the streetscape here is green, 

and beachy in places, 

but generally pleasant suburbia. 

This led me past a tiny strip of shops with an art studio (that spooky garage door), and a corner shop.

It also took me to this house with lollipop trees. 

And otherwise perfectly okay suburbia. 

This house looks like it comes out of a catalogue. 

I was ready for a bite to eat. Luckily, this street with North Balgowlah's (only?) apartments,

also contains the local non-corner shops. 

Here you can buy assorted items (hey HBfurryfriends, I bet these guys would totally sell your bow ties),

and somewhere to pick up the milk. 

They also have a promising looking bakery. 

This meant my lunch today was a shepherd's pie. It was serviceable. 

I was also tempted by this cinnamon donut. Sadly, I was disappointed here, and ended up consuming a chewy and unexciting circle. Here's a terrible picture from inside the paper bag. 

After dusting my hands of cinnamon, sugar, and disappointment, I was able to carry on. 

Past more expensive looking houses, 

a half-arsed tree swing,

and one with a bit more engineering behind it. 

This all culminated in me reaching this gravel path. 

Also known as the Manly Dam Mountainbike (MTB if you're down with the lingo) Trail. 

I don't think this sign is official. 

Anyway, here you can look into the apparently untouched bush, 

dodging Mamils,

to make your way in. 

While a mountainbiking trail is perfectly exciting, 

it's not the reason I headed into this bit of bushland. 

Unfortunately, that reason is in the next suburb.

North Balgowlah: I may or may not have just purchased a cat bow tie for my sister-in-law's cat. I guarantee that the cat does not want this.