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It's been a while since we had an instalment of  Sydney by Technicality . For this instalment, we have a leisurely afternoon stroll thro...

A Walk Through: Windsor (Sydney by Technicality XIX)

It's been a while since we had an instalment of Sydney by Technicality. For this instalment, we have a leisurely afternoon stroll through the Hawkesbury town of 


Windsor is a suburb-by-technicality that sits right on the edge of what I consider Sydney (I draw my border at the Hawkesbury River). Mrs Completing Sydney and I had a bit of time to burn so we figured a walk through the charming town centre of Windsor was in order. 

George Street, similar to the one in the city, is Windsor's pedestrianised shopping street through the town centre. My walk started by a fashion shop for only the hottest ladies,  

a cute little lawyer's office (I cannot confirm if the John & co. themselves are also cute),

this pretty place (yes my visit was still shortly after Chrismtas),

and the kind of stores you expect to see somewhere a little more touristy than Windsor. 

I do like the old-school aesthetic of the place. 

Also worth noting is that just around the corner from here is a free museum, 

the Hawkesbury Regional Museum. This place contains a bunch of artefacts from Hawkesburian history. 

This includes the flabbits which once soared the skies (and no, in case you were wondering, the flabbit is just a local legend),

various colonial, Aboriginal and wartime artefacts, 

and the region's very own Jurassic Park. Unlike the real Jurassic Park, this one didn't kill a dozen people due to the gross negligence of hiring Newman as their IT guy. 

Oh and I can never say no to one of these. 

I also found these terrifying dolls. 

Leaving before the dolls were able to feast on our dreams, we continued on through Windsor. Cementing its status as Sydney only by technicality, Windsor features that one Chinese restaurant which is in every single small town in Australia: <town name> Chinese Restaurant. 

Just nearby is this seafood restaurant with gold-rush era styling too. 

And just nearby to that? A local park on the river sitting next to the bridge to not-Sydney-world. Now, just a couple of streets away is another, larger, waterside park that we were heading to. Sadly, Windsor's riverside paths don't connect the two. 

This meant a short bit of ducking into suburban Windsor, 

through what turned out to be the motel district, 

and past some beautiful old houses (much like the town itself),

to reach the park at the end of the street. 

This is Governor Phillip Park, 

it's mostly more grass on The Hawkesbury, 

but does contain picnic and play equipment too. 

And although the paths in the park are nice, sadly they aren't really connected to anywhere outside of the park. 

This meant heading back into town through that same residential street. This is no bad thing as the street itself is quite pleasant, 

and I got to meet Rudolph, which was pretty cool. 


Back to the walking street. 

Remember earlier how I mentioned that Windsor seems to have an abundance of touristy shops? One such example is this dessert shop. 

They sell imported lollies,

and assorted chocolates and cakes,

but most importantly, they have the most impressive frozen yoghurt and soft serve station I've ever seen.




We enjoyed some ice cream coated in assorted chocolates, lollies and American breakfast cereal. I had some fruit somewhere in there too.

Not a bad spot to enjoy it too. 

Continuing the exploration, we found a Thai restaurant in some sort of town hall building, 

a gift shop in some sort of art-deco building, 

and Santa Claus in a bank.

We found another sweet shop too. 

This one is immense. 

Continuing on, 

past this cart, 

and the pretty old post office, 

revealed another gold rushy streetscape. 

The other points of interest we found are a little more abstract. 

This fire station which is not a fire station, 

this tower thing, 

and a Kmart which has chosen to name itself something else... for some reason. 

Why does it look so bootleg?

Most interesting to me, however is this Pizza Hut. Now, Pizza Huts are fairly common. What is uncommon about this Pizza Hut though, is that it's one of the handful left in the country that still do that all you can eat pizza buffet from back in the '90s. We didn't stop by for pizza buffet today. Now, I'm not better than fast food pizza, but if I'm going to eat at a buffet, I'm probably going to want something a bit better than Pizza Hut. 

And finally, just by the Pizza Hut is this church I found quite attractive. 

And on that note, it was time to say goodbye to Windsor so we headed back to the car.

Windsor: A pleasant suburb-by-technicality, with its old style aesthetic, old style Chinese restaurant and old style pizza buffet.


  1. Banana lollies are not actual fruit! Another great suburb.

    1. It's okay, bananas lollies are terrible anyway 😂

    2. Sorry I have to agree, banana lollies suck!

  2. Fascinating -- thanks for the thorough exploration. Certainly makes me interested in visiting. Those toppings quite frankly look terrifying.

    1. It's worth a visit up, and it's not far at all, especially if you're in western or northwest Sydney.

      They've even got a train station if you don't drive!

  3. No offence to the Thai place, but it's sad that town halls/traditional post offices aren't used for their original purposes anymore. E.g. The heritage-ish post-office in Beecroft is now like a designer fashion store nobody ever enters.