An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

Here is another North Shore residential suburb tucked between the water and the bush. Longueville 

The Longueville Walk Home

Here is another North Shore residential suburb tucked between the water and the bush.


From my previous suburb of Riverview, I entered Longueville on foot through this lush patch of bush.  

This means my Longueville journey got to begin with a short bushwalk over creeks, 

up leafy paths and steps, 

and under the shrubs - and people's houses. 

As a heads up, Google Maps didn't have some of these paths on its map, so if you do happen to find yourself lost in the bushland of Longueville, give Openstreetmaps a try. 

Without that knowledge, I followed my sense of direction up this path, 

making it streetside. 

Out of the woods, I was now at liberty to begin exploring suburban Longueville,

starting with these steps, 

and a sports field. 

Residential Longueville, much like much of its North Shore neighbours, have plenty of wealthy looking homes, with a mix of the older and newer. 

I even witnessed a robbery in action. 

I continued on, 

through the fancy homes of the suburb, 

occasional hills, 

a house comprised entirely of roof,  

some round trees, 

and this spooky manor where the principal of a children's movie might live. 

This eventually led me to one of the watery edges of this peninsular suburb,

and what was probably once a lookout before the trees grew a bit too much. 

Luckily, this was by the appropriately named Longueville Park, 

a park featuring this bench, 

where somebody left behind their fork and highlighter.

More importantly, there's also a decent Lane Cove River view,  

on a more traditional parky backdrop. 

Also of interest here is this, 

an old engraving of an emu on the rock. 

Unfortunately, with the passage of time it's quite hard to see, but it is always interesting to come across these artefacts in what is now suburbia. 

From here, I continued on, passing a few megahouses with elevation,

and strolling along the quiet Longueville streets. 

I passed more waterside parks, 

and many, many more houses. This one's cute. 

these ones are fancy,

and this one has a bamboo forest fence. 

After gaining a bit of elevation, 

the houses got even fancier, 

likely oweing to the far more available water views at this altitude. 

How about a driveway with a view of the Harbour Bridge? 

Or a garage with the entire city skyline? 

After plenty more walking, 

past some more displays of wealth, 

and an adorable older cottage, 

I eventually reached this street corner, roughly marking the border into the next suburb.

Longueville: An attractive place, if you don't mind the awkward extra letters in the suburb's name.