An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

Here's another Southeast Sydney suburb.  South Coogee

Clifftop Vibes: South Coogee

Here's another Southeast Sydney suburb. 

South Coogee

South Coogee is the suburb both before and after my previous suburb Maroubra. I got in by heading through a park and landing on this street.

This street hosts a bowling club -

sorry - a boulodrome. 

And it also hosts these sports fields, 

apparently named after politician and general lunatic Mark Latham. 

Other than recreational areas, the street is also home to some rather fancy houses. Like this one. 

And these ones. 


I trekked on through the suburb, 

past the local Comic Sans public school,

and another recreational space, 

where you can play golf for $100. 

As a non-golfer, I carried on, 

following in the footsteps of those who came before me, 

reaching this grassy slope, 

with a bit of a half-arsed swingset, 

and a smidge of ocean views below. 

South Coogee, is, of course, south of Coogee, one of Sydney's more famous beachside suburbs. This means that this suburb is on the water too. That water is where I was headed to next. 

From the grassy slope, I headed on through suburban South Coogee, 

down hill, 

and past a single cafe which appeared to host the entirety of South Coogee's populace (and which I didn't photograph properly), 

and further downhill towards the enticing blue horizon. 

Naturally, this took me past more fancy houses, 

as well as their adorable neighbour. 


Unlike neighbouring Coogee (or Maroubra for that matter), while South Coogee is on the coast, it sits clifftop, meaning the ocean is mostly enjoyed from above. 

That being said, just by here the suburb does boast this amazing ocean rockpool - the Ivor Rowe Rockpool. Here's a link to it on the council website if you fancy a visit. If you don't fancy a swim and just want to enjoy the view, rather than take the stairs down to the pool you can instead sit on some benches and look out at the sea. This made for a tremendous spot to break for a sip of water and a snack. 

From here, I carried on taking a set of stairs between the neighbours' castles,

and through South Coogee's back alley, 

to reach an unfortunately vertical street, 

amid promises of a coastal walkway to my previous (and technically next suburb) Maroubra.  

After passing a handful more tremendously expensive looking houses, 

I reached these stairs that took me back into Maroubra. 

South Coogee: That's one scenic rockpool. 


  1. lunatic /ˈluːnətɪk/
    - a person who is mentally ill (not in technical use).
    - an extremely foolish or eccentric person.

    Source: Oxford Languages

  2. And just for the record, in case pro-Lathamites (all 2 of them) think the lunatic does have a park named after him, it's actually named after a town clerk, says the Randwick council: 'Named for Richard Thomas Latham, Randwick's Town Clerk 1938-1963. First dedicated in 1948. Prior to this, the area was part of the Randwick Rifle Range.' I bet there are very few town clerks getting such honours these days. Very nice post. Makes me recall those faraway days when there was blue sky, sunshine and no rain.

  3. Replies
    1. Honestly a primary school is probably the perfect use case for Comic Sans!