An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

This is the second of a two part series on king related Western Sydney suburbs. I present to you The Return of the King.  Kings Park

The Paths of: Kings Park

This is the second of a two part series on king related Western Sydney suburbs. I present to you The Return of the King. 

Kings Park

If you're ever lost in Kings Langley, you should take comfort in knowing that if you can just cross the super busy Sunnyholt Road, you too can make it to Kings Park. This is how I got in today.

And with an opening in the sound barriers, I made it into the actual suburb,

welcomed by this huge, top heavy house. 

Once in, I was again at liberty to explore some more pieces of suburban Western Sydney. 

First impressions: tree-heavy, not mind blowing but definitely not unpleasant. 

You can even enjoy one of the true hallmarks of wholesome suburbia, a tree swing. (Incidentally, what's the deal with these? Does the fact that the home owner has set this up in their front yard mean its open season for anybody to have a swing, or does the fact that it's in private property mean it's for the occupants only?)

Whatever the etiquette, I didn't stop for a trespassy swing, but instead headed to African island nation Madagascar, from where you can enter what turned out to be my favourite feature of Kings Park. 

It's down pathway 8401 for those of you playing along at home. 

Pathway 8401 connects to... 

an entire pathway superhighway system running through Kings Park. 

As someone who spends a huge portion of his life being a pedestrian - I love these. 

While cruising down the path with the wind in my hair, I headed past one of those spoon settlements that I remember becoming especially popular during the Delta lockdown. 

But it was otherwise smooth sailing down the expressway. 

The pathway subsequently led to Faulkland Crescent Reserve, a surprisingly rural looking piece of parkland, 

where the rain has given the grass its chance to grow mightily tall. 

Carrying on through the Kings Park Path Network,

through some lightly wooded areas, 

some magpies, 

and past this humorously small building sandwiched between two larger ones, 


I said goodbye to the excellent paths of Kings Park and found myself streetside once more. 

Like before, this is still regular-but-pleasant suburbia.

Alright, one more. 

Pathway 8150 leads to a street with these adorable hedges built into it for some reason, 

and, of course, it also leads to the exhilarating pathway 8402. 

8402 leads to this beautiful piece of symmetry, 

more tree-heavy residential lands, 

and yes, even more paths. This one is interesting, being part of the pedestrian-and-cycle-way that follows the M7 Motorway through The West. 

Surprisingly bushy too. 

I followed the mighty M7 Pathway along, 

eventually taking this exit, 

and landing down here, into my next suburb. 

Kings Park: Should really be called Kings Path.


  1. Yay I work at the tavern at Kings Parks, I was hoping it was your next suburb. Thank you, I have never walked around, I drive in and drive out. There are some nice little areas and Spoonville could use a few painted rocks from Sydney Rocks, find us on the book of face!

  2. Ooooo. Finally get to see my suburb next post!