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Who's Kyle anyway? Kyle Bay

Style Bay: Kyle Bay

Who's Kyle anyway?

Kyle Bay

If you happen to be in the South Sydney suburb of Blakehurst, and you happen to see these stairs, one thing you may choose to do is head down them in order to enter Kyle Bay.

In other suburbs, you might find a discarded can of VB or an empty chip packet. In Kyle Bay, you'll find an empty packet of salmon fillets. 

Does this mean this is a fancy suburb? 

And after a few steps into the suburb, that question was answered with a resounding yes. 

Kyle's Bay claim to fame seems to be huge houses. 


After just a relatively short distance, I stumbled upon the Bay bit of Kyle Bay, finding myself at a pleasant little waterside park. 

As well as the above well-mowed grassy square, this park has a bit of a beach on the shores of the Georges River,

which makes for a fairly pleasant place to be. 

And for your Kyle Bay recreation needs, behind the park there's a function centre, 

and somewhere to play bowls. 

I carried on,

with this helpful sign pointing towards my next suburb (spoiler alert). 

This meant continuing through this ostentatious suburb, 

with its flashy houses.

Other, non-house related observations include this American-flagged green bin, 

and driveways with a view. 

But realistically, it is the outrageous houses we're here to see. 

Carrying on through the suburb, and enjoying its pleasant river views, 

took me past a delightfully Ernie and Bert garage, 

and this final hill, 

where you are reminded not to injure plants and animals, 

in order to reach this park where the next suburb begins. 

Kyle Bay: As it turns out, Kyle's a fellow who enjoys his luxuries.

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  1. LOL re abandoned salmon fillet box!