An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

These next two suburbs are going to be a bit funny. Similar to Tallawong and Grantham Farm , these ones also declared independence in the g...

Diversity: Richards and Angus

These next two suburbs are going to be a bit funny. Similar to Tallawong and Grantham Farm, these ones also declared independence in the great 2020 Northwest Sydney suburban shakeup. This means that a redevelopment is surely coming, but it isn't quite here yet. 


Bordering Riverstone, this formerly Riverstonian takeaway marks my entrance into the suburb of Richards. 

Now, Richards is an especially strange suburb, because it's mostly made up of grassy fields with a little bit of industrial infrastructure like a wastewater plant in the north. As such, if I cross this road, 

and stand in this bit of grass, 

I'm happy to stay I've visited Richards. 

Temporarily back in Riverstone, I continued onto another suburb.

Richards: Remember me when the black-roofed McMansions start to appear in a couple of years. 


Rounding out a day exploring Northwest Sydney is Angus.

Who's Angus?

Well, I don't know. But he has this pleasantly bushy park.

And a cemetery. 

One of the few points of interest on Google Maps for Angus is a headstone in this cemetery belonging to deceased bodybuilder and internet celebrity Zyzz. I don't really know much about the fellow but if you find the point on Google Maps, you can find an image of some dude worshipping his grave, so that's something

I didn't go trudging through the muddy cemetery to try and find it myself, but if you're into mildly-ironic late 2000s-to-early-2010s internet bodybuilding culture, perhaps Angus is the place for you. 

So what else did I find in Angus? 

Long and straight rural-type streets is your answer. 

With big, ranch-style homes. 

Almost ready to call it a day for the suburb, 

I stumbled upon the best thing ever. And it wasn't this house and caravan. 

Not was it the spooky bushland prime for getting lost in. 

It was this most amazing backyard/farm. Upon stopping here, all of Snow White's animals appeared to greet me. From a fluffy chicken to a pony, 

to all varieties of deer (including antlered, non-antlered, and even baby-speckled). Even the farm dog came out to see what all the fuss was about. 

With my time as a Disney princess complete, it was time to a call it a day for Angus.

Angus: A place to pray to meme bodybuilders and become a Disney Princess.