An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

Welcome (back) to Northwest Sydney , home to endless suburbia. Here's the latest slice.  The Ponds

Petal Parkway: The Ponds

Welcome (back) to Northwest Sydney, home to endless suburbia. Here's the latest slice. 

The Ponds

The Ponds is a northwestern suburb in Blacktown Council. It borders folks like Schofields and Quakers Hill. To kick things off, I chose this street at the suburb's southeast. 

The main reason I chose to start here is for this bizarre monument on The Pond's border with neighbouring Stanhope Gardens. If you like umbrellas, well The Ponds may just be the place for you. 

So other than the monument to the rain gods - plus a few spillover umbrellas - what do we have here? 

Surprisingly well-wooded modern suburbia is the answer. 

Walking along, 

I found the well-named Owl Park, 

with a playground in the woods, 

an up-and-coming retirement home, 

and ultimately what we expect from these places - plenty of houses. 

The Ponds is a newer suburb, declaring independence in 2007. 

This means that houses look like this, 

or this,

or occasionally this, if they've decided to be painted in denim-blue. 

Very contemporary. 

One thing The Ponds has going for it though, if you can get past the whole car-dependent suburbia thing, is a good amount of public green space. Such as this one. 

But do look out for snakes. 

This one in particular, Binyang Park, is quite nice, being a large patch of grass in front of people's houses, 

which then leads into a series of paths through the suburb, 

and lined with bushes and what I assume are flowers.

How wholesome. 

From the southeast of the suburb, where the umbrellas, that park and this purple house are, I next teleported to the northeast of the suburb. 

Unsurprisingly, here was more modern residential streets. 

Of interest though is the fact that this section of The Ponds has adorable street names. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Peppermint Fairway,

and Spearmint & Camomile Streets, 

where you can send your children to the even more adorably named Little Camomile Daycare. 

Also in this area, but not pictured, are great street names such as Nutmeg Fairway, Buttercup Street, Dandelion Street and Petal Parkway. 

What is pictured, however, are these swan-goyles. 

As wonderful as the street names are in this patch of The Ponds, I chose this spot for a different reason. 

For on Camomile Street is some more public space, 

including the sadly-not-adorably-named Ironbark Lake. 

But that's okay, because they have black swans. 

Faced with such a black swan event, I figured I'd seen enough of The Ponds and continued on to another Northwest Sydney suburb.

The Ponds: It's almost worth moving here just so you can live on Nutmeg Fairway.