An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

We continue our foray into Sydney's affluent east with a stop in  Bellevue Hill

House on a Hill: Bellevue Hill

We continue our foray into Sydney's affluent east with a stop in 

Bellevue Hill

Bellevue Hill is immediately south of my previous suburb Point Piper. Naturally, this meant crossing the road and getting in by foot, starting with this fancy bus stop,

and this sandstone gate to a fancy school. 

I followed its fence along down a well-wooded path (quite pleasant for what is actually a road with a lot of traffic), 

in order to head into the suburb proper at this flowery corner. 

Now, as advertised in the suburb's name, Bellevue Hill is built on a hill. That means gaining some altitude, 

with the added ability to look at some tall and fancy houses. 

At street level, I found a toilet seat for council cleanup,

and more fanciness. 

This includes the door to this red house, 

a gate with a fancy European name, 

and another entry to that fancy school. 

Continuing higher into Bellevue Hill, 

revealed more flashy living. This one is new with an old fence,

this garage is a little stinky but you can tell it has heart (and probably houses some expensive European metal), 

and this one needs to borrow the European sign from down the road. 

Of course, hills mean views, and Bellevue Hill does offer the occasional glimpse of its surrounds at height,

and even the city skyline. 

I also enjoyed this nondescript box with a number to call in case of emergencies. 

There's a classic episode of the Simpsons where Homer joins a secret society and is informed of the "real" number to dial instead of 911. I like to think that the number on this box is what Sydney's elite get to dial instead of 000.

Anyway, speaking of Sydney's elite. If the fancy school at the bottom of the hill is not good enough for their kids, the one at the top of the hill is also available. 

Incidentally, I Googled the fees for both Cranbook (the fancy one at the bottom of the hill) and Scots College (this fancy one on the hill) and a year of tuition costs more than my four-and-a-half-years at university. Even kindergarten costs a cool 26 grand a year - that's some fancy colour-inning they must be doing. 

Of course, those kids grow up to be Prime Minsters and CEOs and I just write this crappy blog, so the joke's on me in the end. 

Of interest at the Scots College today was a rugby game against presumably another school, with a pretty strong attendance for the weekend. 

Great water views from their oval too.

Anyway, from here it was time to head towards my next suburb. Getting off the hill meant a further walk through this nicely wooded street, 

and ultimately beginning to shed the altitude I had picked up. 

Of course, there are more fancy houses along this way, 

as well as some planters for council cleanup. 

After taking this last set of steps down a surprisingly lush pathway, 

I was back at sea level, and into my next suburb.

Bellevue Hill: Where the billionaires of Point Piper get their education.