An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

We continue our St George shenanigans into Bexley

Car Park: Bexley

We continue our St George shenanigans into


From the relatively unknown Bardwell Valley, Bexley is a short easterly walk along this smooth suburban footpath.

At first glance, things here aren't too different to the Valley of Bards, with an assorted mishmash of housing options, from the loud and flashy, 

to the pillariffic, 

and all on an classic mid-twentieth century streetscape. 

I don't mind suburbs like this for a weekend stroll. Sure, it is just suburbia, 

but there's enough variety to be interesting. 

I followed this one residential street, 

until I reached the main road and start of commercial Bexley. 

Sadly, commercial Bexley didn't really tickle my fancy due to the main road running through the middle. 

Who wants to have brunch while cars zoom by?

But at least there's a thing or two to look at and photograph. 

For instance the round domes of a Coptic Church.

I found another Coptic church just a couple suburbs ago in Arncliffe, so it seems that the St George area has its share of Copts. In the 2021 census there were were 1563 people following the Coptic Orthodox religion in the Bayside Council area that holds both Bexley and Arncliffe. I don't know if that's a lot, but it's up 3 people from the 2016 census, so I would like to congratulate the church on its 3 new members. (here's a good link on the religious profile of the suburb

Anyway, from here, I crossed the road after taking advice from some wombats, 

and observed that, like in Arncliffe, this church has some mosaics too. Neat. 

I carried on, deeper into Bexley's commercial centre, 

where I continued to not be particularly impressed by the car-first approach. 

I did enjoy this graphic design shop's sign though. 

Anyway, I turned off the main road past some art deco solicitors on the street corner,

and down here. 

On this road, I found this building, 

and an outrageously long queue of cars waiting for the traffic light onto the main road. 

Like, really, really long. 

Surprisingly, there are some really interesting old houses out this way, 

although the eternal queue of cars did make them a bit hard to capture. 

Obligatory roofy boi mention. 

I also found this street that does what it said on the packet, 

and some more interesting old homes, including these two in the far distance (you may have to squint), 

and this one with a pointy bush. 

From here, it was time to head this way into my next suburb.

Bexley: Aesthetically interesting, damaged by vehicles. 


  1. Agree about the cars. So many places in Sydney with potential but they're let down by cars focus. Hopefully with the metro coming there will be a domino effect of people first. :)