An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

Hello again. Thanks for waiting. I'm back. Roselands

The Pro-Weeds Movement: Roselands

Hello again. Thanks for waiting. I'm back.


When I left you, two weeks ago, I was in the southern suburb of Kingsgrove. Well here's a not-actually fun fact, if you walk from Kingsgrove down a path that looks like this, you might enter Roselands. 

So what's the go with Roselands? 

Well, firstly, they have this rare blue No Through Road sign. Why is it blue? Nobody knows. 

They also have, well, suburbia,

featuring houses like this one, 

and this once-a-store. 

I strolled on through Roselands,

past that familiar mix of interesting older houses, 

and less interesting newer ones, 

plus everything in between. 

When you've spent as much time as I have strolling through residential Sydney, you appreciate the simple things. A blue sky, a smattering of trees, and a good footpath.

This house has lots of yellow flowers growing out of their lawn. I'm pretty sure they're technically weeds, but they look better than lawns so we must ask, which is the weed really. 

Of course, the other alternative is the modern approach, maximising the house-per-land ratio. 

I continued on, 

observing this nice little hedge wall, 

and this playground, 

with a pleasingly wavy path in, 

and more pretty grass which I'm once again sure has been overrun with weeds. 

As I continued towards the suburb's northern border, 

I enjoyed a few more highlights buried in this fairly standard slice of suburbia;

the little tree that couldn't,

this cute gate, 

and more weedery. 

After not too long, I reached the main road, marking the end of Roselands. 

From here, I saved my feet by hopping onto a brief bus to my next suburb. 

Roselands: Let it be known that I'm slightly too jetlagged to come up with something witty here. 


  1. It was named for a shopping centre - the third fully enclosed shopping precinct in Australia, opened in October 1965.

    1. The shopping centre that was our second home when we were kids

  2. Yay for the weeds! The bees will be happy.

    1. Yes, especially the clover! Good for the soil too (nitrogen fixer). The other cheerful yellow weed is cats ear. Maybe our cities will see the extinction of weeds with the tendency to build and concrete the total bit of land. Very nice seeing these older plots still holding on.