An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

So here's a question, when does Southern Sydney become Southwest Sydney ? Because I have no idea.  I think we're not quite western ...

Give Me a SIGN: Belmore

So here's a question, when does Southern Sydney become Southwest Sydney? Because I have no idea. 

I think we're not quite western enough for this to be Southwest Sydney yet, so as such, here's South Sydney's Belmore. 


Belmore is walking distance from my previous suburb of Roselands, sitting just east. Because I'd already been to six suburbs today before Belmore, I took a short bus ride up Canterbury Road to get into Belmore, arriving by this church, 

and this church. 

But Belmore's not all churches. 

There's also SIGN,

with this beautiful haiku on the door,

and a vet that time forgot. 

To get to Belmore CBD, you turn off Canterbury Road, 

and head up this way. 

Like much of Sydney, along this walk a chap might see a severely dilapidated milk bar facing imminent ruin, 

some apartments painted in Toyota-Camry-interior-grey, 

and a pleasant amount of trees. 

We will eventually get to Belmore's commercial hub, but it's still quite residential here, 

sort of.

This sign is how you know you've made it to the built up bit. 

How swish. 

As I entered the area, I passed this Buddhist temple that looks suspiciously like an old weatherboard house, 

a business who specialises in destroying things, 

and the only place you might find Belmore written in fancy writing. 

I also passed whatever this is,

and this seemingly fancy function hall, 

with a remarkably rusty sign.

So here's the thing with Belmore CBD,

it's okay. 

There isn't really anything wrong with it, but

(crossing this pretty, tree-lined residential street first), 

there isn't too much going on. 

I interupt the previously interupted train of thought to observe All Seasons Bakehouse, a Middle Eastern bakery. They've made the unfortunate decision to write "foul" on their sign. Now, for those who may not know, foul is an Arabic breakfast dish make up of fava beans, kind of like a bean version of it's more famous hummus cousin. It's pronounciation is much closer to "fool". Now, for some reason, the first Arabic chef to transliterate their menu decided to transliterate the word as "foul", rather than "fool" or "ful" or any other spelling which doesn't mean disgusting or unpleasant, and so here we are today. For what it's worth, it's not foul at all, it's actually pretty good. And, although I didn't visit All Seasons today, their Google reivews suggest they're pretty good too. 


with that entirely unnecessary tangent out of the way, I continued up the road, past the local kebbabery, 

Korean BBQ, 

and colourful facades, 

to eventually reach the train station,

but not before passing these very funky art deco-looking apartments. 

But alas, it was time to also head down the also-funky stairs into the station, 

and head off for the day.

Belmore: Not too foul. 


  1. Belmore is actually located in South West Sydney, not South Sydney. This is widely agreed by residents, local governments and state governments alike. It is part of Sydney's Greater Western Sydney region.

    1. Where do you consider the borders to be?

  2. I live nearby and it's a contentious issue, but most people are comfortable with referring to this part of the Canterbury-Bankstown area as "inner southwest". It does get very confusing when this area is called southwest, but so is Campbelltown (a good hours drive away).