An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

So a few months ago I celebrated completing all of the Eastern Suburbs . Well it turns out I lied to everyone, as I've discovered I miss...

Eastcakes: Eastlakes

So a few months ago I celebrated completing all of the Eastern Suburbs. Well it turns out I lied to everyone, as I've discovered I missed one. And thus, without further ado, let's sort that out. 


Eastlakes sits in Southeast Sydney. By public transit, a bus from Central is the way in. 

This particular bus stop has some weird domestic-violence-esque stickers on it, so that's something. 

Anyway, I continued along, up the street, past some older apartments, 

as well as this windmill, 

to reach here. 

Now, when I go to a new suburb, I tend to take a quick scroll through Google Maps to see if there's something that immediately stands out. 

Well, in Eastlakes it was this Greek patisserie (named Born to Bake) that did all of the standing a little boy needs. 

After ogling the window for a long time, we decided on some things. Namely, an almond biscuit, 

a berry pistachio cake, 

and a puffy cone with cream in it (these are all of the official Greek terms). 

All of the sweets were excellent, especially that berry pistachio cake which was a 10/10. 

To wash it down, a delicious Greek frappe.

Oh and so as not to only eat sugar, we also picked up a spanakopita, which I learned is just a spinach and cheese pastry. 

To be honest, I could end my Eastlakes review here, telling you to go eat Greek baked goods, and I would be satisfied in having done my civic service. 

Instead, I continued onto a carb-filled stroll of residential Eastlakes. 

This led me, 

to this park, 

which I only mention for its beautiful geometric playground toy. 

Across the road from that park is another. 

This one has this playground equipment. 

To which I give two thumbs up. 

Bonus bears, 

and submerged camel (for some reason). 

Anyway, after spending far too long savouring the playgrounds of Eastlakes, 

I continued on to see what else I might see. 

The answer, it turns out, is a whole stack of those old brick apartments you see around the place. 

And when I say a whole stack of them, I mean literally nothing else but them. 

Well, except these new places, 

and these mysterious sacks. 

I carried on, 

meeting the local pigeons, 

and taking a back path through yet another playground, 

to get to more of the same. 

Now, around the corner from here is Eastlakes commercial centre, featuring two shopping centres. 

Interestingly, there is one old shopping centre,

with some very cool vintage vibes, 

and across the road is one brand new shopping centre. 

Clicking around while I write this, I am actually regretting not going into the old shopping centre, which apparently features all kinds of multicultural groceries, from Middle Eastern, to Russian, to Greek, and being that there's a brand new supermarket literally across the road from the old one, I can't help but feel that this old one's days are surely numbered. 

For things that look like this. 

Lamenting the inevitable upcoming "cleanup" of Eastlakes, I figured it was time to call it for this suburb, 

and returned from whence I came. 

Eastlakes: Berry pistachio cake. Go now. 


  1. I would gain weight just drooling at the window of that Greek pastry shop.

  2. Just wanted to say how much I love all of these blogs. This was a great read. It makes me want to try visit every suburb in Sydney one day as well! Until then I read all of your travels with fascination haha. Thanks for sharing these with us! I love the bear and camel statues in this one :D

    1. Thank you! While I can't say I'd recommend this "every suburb" business, exploring obscure corners of this fine city can be quite enjoyable.

  3. The old shopping centre was the highlight of living in this area. The Turkish takeaway with freshly baked bread and home made hommus, the gozleme lady, the eastern European speciality food shop, the small but always fresh fruit and veg shop- a few things I miss about the place. Just hope it retains itself now Westfield has taken over.

  4. Can't believe you didn't visit the old Eastwood Shopping Centre. That's the most interesting place in the suburb, it's like stepping back in time to 80s/90s Sydney.