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This suburb is another fantastic slice of Western Sydney and a testament to how diverse this city can be. But first, this website has mo...

The Real Spice Alley: Wentworthville

This suburb is another fantastic slice of Western Sydney and a testament to how diverse this city can be.

But first, this website has moved domain names. I'm now the proud owner of Woo.


Previously on Completing Sydney I was in South Wentworthville. Feeling a little drained from a solid afternoon of suburbsing, I stopped for a quick pick-me-up from the South Wentworthville Aldi. 

Crossing the Great Western Highway into real Wentworthville, it was time to start my quest for a seat to enjoy my Aldi snax on (99c energy drink and a 49c packet of peanuts - value). 

Snacks from Aldi in Wentworthville

This street into Wentworthville is actually quite lovely, with a generous amount of gum trees and nicer-than-average small apartment complexes.

Wentworthville residential street

Ladies and gentlemen - I present to you Madison Square's Garden, the Wentworthville unlicensed tribute.

Madison Square Garden

I considered trespassing into this nice apartment courtyard to leech off their benches but I decided against it and continued my quest for a public bench, continuing towards the "town centre".


Eventually, the residential streets merged into shops and restaurants. This chair outside of the world's most nondescript store looked mighty inviting but if I wasn't going to leech off a courtyard I wasn't going to leech off a store.

Non-descript store

Finally, Friend Park.

Friend Park

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Friend park bench

Having enjoyed my purchased sugar and fat I was now at liberty to explore the very interesting looking Wentworthville town centre.

Just off the main road is this surprisingly Hogwartsy church and a high quality rabbit.

Wentworthville church
Cute rabbit

The stores of Wentworthville can be described in a single word: "Indian". 

As of the 2016 Census, around a third of Wentworthville residents had at least one parent born in India, and the stores here very prominently represent that third. 

This suburb has Indian Supermarkets,

Patel Brothers India Town Supermarket

textiles stores

Udaya Textiles Wentworthville

Udaya Textiles Wentworthville

and, of course, restaurants galore.

Swagath Indian food Wentworthville

Udaya Supermart prides itself on being a "Complete Grocery Store" so I had to go check it out.

Udaya Supermarket Wentworthville

This supermarket is absolutely immense. It's the size of any "mainstream" supermarket you'd find yourself shopping at, and was packed with shoppers.

Udaya Supermarket Wentworthville

I mean, just look at all the kinds of ghee sold here! (For those not in the know, ghee is a type of butter often used as a cooking oil in Indian food).

Ghee Section of Udaya Supermarket Wentworthville

If you ever need industrial sized bags of lentils - you know where to go.

Bags of dried legumes at Udaya Supermarket Wentworthville

Wentworthville isn't only Indian stores though.

You've also got this "Big Apple" greengrocer which, by the leftover signage, used to be something like a Retravision in a past life (whatever happened to Retravision anyway?).

Big apple greengrocer Wentworthville

And you've also got a classic "Milk Bar" selling your standard assortment of frozen-to-fried foods.

Wentworthville Milk Bar

I had somebody coming to join me for dinner soon, but a chiko roll wasn't going to do it for us.

I was tipped off to Sun Catering by my brother who's a little bit of a food guy himself (and a budding blogger too - click here to check out some of his own Sydney-esque fusion cooking).

Sun Catering Indian and Sri Lankan food Wentworthville

I have to say, it was a pretty good tip-off.

A combo of 3 curries and 3 pieces of garlic naan was more than enough to fill me and my Wentworth-buddy with spicy amazingness. Dinner for two for about 17 bucks. This is why I love Sydney.

My food photos are kind of rubbish (we had already started eating) but I hope I was able to capture the deliciousness. 

Curry from Sun Catering

Wentworthville: When in Rome, eat curry and go home with a suitcase of lentils.


  1. What DID happen to Retravision?? I didn’t realise they had disappeared until you brought it up!

  2. Although it says Indian most of the shops thereare owned by Sri Lankan Tamils. Rather than ordering North Indian food at a South Indian shop you should have tried South Indian and Sri Lankan food.

    1. Hey there. I actually don't know too much about the difference in the cuisines, any particular foods you would recommend for next time?

  3. Ha..Ive lived in western Syd all my life & seen suburbs like Wenty change, & not always for the better many like me have felt. However I found this leg of your "Sydney travels" an interesting even entertaining read, viewing through both my eyes of the past at the same time as through your eyes of today, which are obviously also relatively culturally new to this place. I found myself pleasantly surprised and amused..including at your Sydney travels concept itself. Indeed why not..! We dream of abroad when we dont even know many of the places less than 40km from where we live. As you illustrate, there are gems to discover just minutes away from us. I used to play live music regularly at the Wenty Hotel in the 80's & 90's (known affectionately as the "Wenty Reschs" by some locals). Lots of character, much now lost to history & pokies, like much of Sydney. It is still there, now in stark contrast to the surrounding Indian influx you mention. That street has known some terrible violence too. I once saw a guy get his head kicked in outside the hotel by a circle of ten or twelve guys..terrible. We called 000 but dunno if he survived or not..blood everywhere. The shop next door was also blown up 10 years ago by its owner for insurance..killing & injuring some innocent bystanders. Wenty was mostly Anglo-Celtic up till even just 25-30 yrs ago, and about 10-20% Maltese too. The Indian/Sri Lankan influx has all happened since then. But as u mention, Indian food is wonderful. Had a chuckle at your Madison Sq Garden and Friend Park are good at this. Looking fwd to reading more of your local travels. There used to be a great Aussie-wide travel show Ask The Leyland Bros..perhaps you are the modern urban/suburban answer to them!😀 👍

    1. Thanks for the compliments and sharing some of the modern history of this place.