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I'm always suspicious of suburbs which have a qualifier in their name, like this one. It says to me "Hi, I'm not a full subur...

The Cute Houses of: South Wentworthville

I'm always suspicious of suburbs which have a qualifier in their name, like this one. It says to me "Hi, I'm not a full suburb like Wentworthville, but you can come over anyway." 

Here's me working out if South Wentworthville is South Wentworthwhile or not.

South Wentworthville

Just like Mays Hill before it, I entered South Wentworthville by taking a walk off of The Great Western Highway and into it's suburban streets.

As I was expecting, I was greeted by the flat, straight streets of Western Sydney suburbia. 

What I wasn't expecting though, was how damn cute some of the houses are here.

South Wentworthville seems to have a fair few older-style one story houses which are in quite good nick, which is actually quite refreshing to see. 

Is it me or aren't these just the cutest?

This guy didn't have a cute house but he did make up for it with his mailbox. What's going on in this suburb?

This house, while a little larger, I also thought was quite interesting in a "come help an old lady clean her house" sort of way. A dog was losing its shit at me through the fence, so I didn't get too close.

Strolling through the suburban streets I eventually came upon a small strip of parkland which hugged what looked like a creek on the map.

This park is very Australia, with gum trees and a community BBQ.

And of course a DIY Gatorade-garden-hose bong, as can be found discarded in all good Aussie parks.

The "creek" turned out to be just a drain. Because I'm a bit of an idiot, I entered this gate and took a walk through the drain.

I realised the error of my ways and climbed back out, not wanting to have to swim home via Sydney harbour.

This led me back onto a real path, crossing under the M4 and eventually spitting me back onto our old friend The Great Western Highway.

Bonus: Outback Steakhouse - the fusion food of the great nation of Ameristralia. 

South Wentworthville: So you won't find it in Lonely Planet, but it's doing it's best OK?


  1. I enjoyed the part where you walked through the drain and how you told the story; very funny! :)

  2. Though I live in another country, I would like to know if there is a bus to South Wentworthville, for my book.

    1. Hi Diana, for public transport in Sydney, I find google maps to be handy. I've had a look and it looks like there is a bus route "809" that runs through South Wentworthville to/from the neighbouring suburbs.

  3. I would like to know about a bus o Wentworthville, for my story.