An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

In this next instalment of Sydney by Technicality , my grand tour of Sydney-not-Sydney continues with a bumper package of three more "...

Sydney by Technicality III: Sackville, Sackville North, South Maroota

In this next instalment of Sydney by Technicality, my grand tour of Sydney-not-Sydney continues with a bumper package of three more "suburbs" to the north.


Apart from having a hilarious name, Sackville is a small rural suburb which straddles the Hawkesbury River. I drove here from the neighbouring, and much larger, Ebenezer.

From my drive, Sackville enjoys playing host to a handful of houses and farms.

Most importantly, however, the suburb is home to these horses wearing jackets. I can't take any animals wearing jackets seriously. 
That being said, these horses do have an awesome mailbox, in case you'd like to direct any fan mail their way (or send them some pants to go with their jackets). 

It's become a bit of a thing on this blog that I have to share any ducks that I see. Sackville has some particularly good ducks which like to enjoy The Hawkesbury's riverbank.

This is one of the very few road intersections of Sackville. As you can see, the land here is wonderfully green and lush, which satisfies a city-slicker like me.

Our party finally arrived at the car ferry which lets you cross The Hawkesbury River, and is also the best way this blog has left a suburb so far.

Sackville: So cool that even the horses have jackets.

Sackville North

So I have a confession for my readers. Because I'm a bit mediocre at these things, the past three "Sydney By Technicality" suburbs (Wilberforce, Ebenezer and Sackville) have actually been outside of Sydney. Using my definition of Sydney, the northern border of the city is the Hawkesbury River, and the previous three kids actually sit to the north of that. I'm counting them anyway, so please direct your hate mail to my Facebook page.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I present to you my first Sydney By Technicality suburb which is actually in Sydney!

Sackville North is a short and very pleasant car-ferry trip from Sackville.

At the other side, I was immediately greeted by more lush farmland.

When I grow up, I'm going to bovine university

Driving through Sackville North I didn't find too much apart from a few nice country roads for driving on.

For this suburb, I initially thought it would be hilarious to just have the pictures of the cows and nothing else, but then I saw this house right on the edge of the suburb which unfortunately foiled my plans.

I can't tell you what the deal is with this place, but it's a pleasure to randomly stumble upon things like this, whether you like old machinery or not.

Eventually, the road continues into the next suburb.

Sackville North: They have some cows. 

South Maroota

Immediately southeast of the Sackvilles is South Maroota. As you might imagine, for me this just meant driving further down the road.

There is a lot of enterprise in South Maroota, for instance this shack apparently selling Jap Pumpkins. 

To be honest with you, South Maroota has me clutching at straws for something to say.

I got to drive on more of the enjoyable semi-rural roads that Sydney by Technicality has taken me to, but that's about it really.

One of the few things of note in this suburb was this huge single-story house on stilts. I can already see the commercials.
South Maroota cool house - for the discerning shopper who likes their ranch house elevated.

To wrap up this suburb, here are some Bigfoot-esque photos of ducks (as you can see, my camera's focus wasn't playing nice).

South Maroota: Amateur hour at The Hawkesbury. 


  1. Maroota house is probably on stilts because it's a flood plane. This is also why it's so green.

    Love what you're doing - when you have more suburbs, maybe consider an index!

    1. Yes, I definitely need an easier way let people see what suburbs I've visited!