An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

Did anybody else not know that Kings Cross is not a suburb? It turns out that what we know as Kings Cross is actually Potts Point

Feeling Cross: Potts Point

Did anybody else not know that Kings Cross is not a suburb? It turns out that what we know as Kings Cross is actually

Potts Point

Does this suburb need an introduction? Sitting just outside of the CBD, Potts Point is most known for containing Kings Cross, Sydney's biggest pocket of nightlife (pre-lock-out-laws anyway).

Naturally, Kings Cross Station is the portal to the suburb.

Because I'm not much of a party guy, I'm here during the day.

Despite this, the streets of Potts Point are definitely more happening than elsewhere in Sydney, with plenty of foot traffic being apparent the moment I left the station.

For some reason, this suburb's most iconic landmark is a Coca Cola billboard, which is just a few steps away from the station too.

On the way to the sign is this psychedelic pub which had decorated itself, I suspect, for Mardi Gras season.

The first order of business for my travel companion and I today was to grab some lunch. Google told me that an American-style chicken shop called Thirsty Bird was the go and, conveniently, it also was only a few steps from the station.

Because I have a sugar addiction, I was excited to see that Thirsty Bird does American soft drinks. Faced with the crushing decision of Dr Pepper, Cherry Coke or Grape Fanta, I went with the grape drink.

The chicken sandwiches here are both massive and delicious but, most importantly, they have waffle fries.

I love waffle fries.

Sadly, they were a little bit oversalted.

Having enjoyed my Trump lunch, we were now at liberty to enquire into the Point of Potts. We took a stroll down the road.

As well as nightlife, Potts Point is also known for Sydney's red light district. Evidence of that can be easily seen here, with strip clubs and adult stores abound.

Most tantalising for me though was Shiny Dogs House. Look at that sign!

It's important for all party districts to have the supporting infrastructure required, and Potts Point does deliver on that front, with this very Euro looking kebab shop.

Just by the kebbabery is this walking street I thought was rather nice too.

It was at this point that we temporarily ducked east into the next suburb (and my next post).

When we made our way back into Potts Point (by taking this funky alleyway), we were now a fair bit further north than where we left.

If the first half of the post was my covering of "Dirty Potts", then this next half is...

Classy Potts

Northern Points Point is actually quite lovely.

It's full of older and very European looking apartment buildings,

all while being draped in greenery.

A little bit further north sits the much more utilitarian HMAS Kuttabul naval base.

The plan was to continue along to the northern tip of Potts Point and catch a ferry back into the city.

As a result, I continued heading north past this castle and towards this ship.

At this point, I began to suspect a flaw in the plan.

You see, it turns out that the entire northern tip of the suburb is part of the naval base. Naturally, random bloggers can't just waltz in and take pictures.


Potts Point: Much more than just somewhere to get munted. 


  1. You can look down into the naval base from the park just above where you caught the bus.

    I found this channel where you can get ideas about where to go, maybe you've been to some of them already...