An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

Here's an Inner City suburb that I really didn't know much about. This is the rather lovely Elizabeth Bay

Feeling Koi: Elizabeth Bay

Here's an Inner City suburb that I really didn't know much about. This is the rather lovely

Elizabeth Bay

If you read my previous post, you won't be surprised to know that Elizabeth Bay sits just next to Potts Point (aka The Cross). The entry into the suburb is marked by this lovely plaza,

featuring a Parisian café-bar,

the beautiful and dandelion-chic El Alamein war memorial fountain,

this post-modern sculpture,

and, of course, Kings Cross Police Station. You better believe the cops here have seen some antics. 

I turned right, away from the plaza, to explore the suburb proper.

Understandable from its location, Elizabeth Bay is full of old and interesting apartments and terraced houses.

The residents are also fortunate to enjoy leafy streets for their ornate apartments.

My goal was to reach the heritage listed Elizabeth Bay House which was in the other direction, so I curved around and headed north. On the way was this pleasingly round block of flats.

This plan was momentarily distracted by my spotting of a waterside park. One of Sydney's talents is waterside parks so naturally I had to go investigate. 

While Beare Park isn't "bad" by any means, I can't say that it wowed me compared to some of the other waterside parks I've come across on my journey.

Continuing along, towards Elizabeth Bay House,

I was distracted by a set of steps leading up to a small park.

This is McElhone Reserve and is super cute, featuring a Koi Pond, a little bridge over the pond, and, despite its small size, plenty of space to sit and have a picnic. 

Importantly, it is also a gateway to Elizabeth Bay House.

Elizabeth Bay House is a colonial house from the 19th century which is now a museum. For me it's not the most interesting thing in the world, but if it's your kind of thing it's here for you.

More interesting to me was this nuts house around the corner. Is it an apartment? Is it a mansion? Nobody knows. (Yes, I'm sure plenty of people know).

From here, a set of stairs led me to a narrow alleyway back to my previous suburb.

Elizabeth Bay: Grand residential meets colonial, and only a short drunken stumble away from Kings Cross. 


  1. David Bowie owned a unit for many years in Elizabeth Bay. He sold it when he married Iman.

  2. That was a nice summary, and the Potts Point blog was interesting too.

    That crazy looking 'house' is called Del Rio, and is a Spanish Mission style block of five apartments, with a pool, old fashioned pool dressing rooms, and a jetty, so you can catch a water taxi into the city.

    And yes, as Ash mentioned, David Bowie owned an apartment in Kinkoppal, down the harbour end of Elizabeth Bay Road, which he bought new in the 80s. He used it for a base while he travelled around Australia for a few months at a time. I had no idea he'd had such a relationship with Australia, until recently...