An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

Some of my more astute readers will know that this blog is yet to step foot in Sutherland, aka The Shire . This changes today.

Welcome to The Shire: Woolwooware

Some of my more astute readers will know that this blog is yet to step foot in Sutherland, aka The Shire. This changes today.


If you approach the nice man who works at the train station and say "I'll take a ticket to somewhere with a whole lot of Os in its name" you'll end up in Woolooware. As such, I sat on the train for the 50 odd minutes it takes from Central to reach here.

My goal from the station was to head south west, but I thought I'd poke myself north first to take a look at the local shops.

Embarking from the station, I passed this odd collection of homes before continuing along.

In front of the local shops was this friend here, who has either named his house, or is exceedingly proud of his family lineage. Fairly unusual nonetheless.

The shops themselves have a pleasing vintage facade, although I can't say I found much of interest here for a curious visitor.

I backtracked, crossing back to the other side of the station.

In front of the station is this exciting looking apartment building (although on closer inspection it looks like it may just be a giant house).

Same story for this one which I again at first thought was a block of flats, but on second look also just appears to be a big-ole house with a design more reminiscent of older apartments.

Perplexed by Woolooware's architectural choices, I continued along and immediately hit the main road cutting through the suburb, which is confusingly just called Kingsway. Not "Kingsway Road" or "Kingsway Avenue", just Kingsway.

I crossed, and started walking down the way of kings.

Rather than stick to main roads which are generally uninteresting, I prefer to veer off and walk on the residential streets, so I cut across this oval and started checking out the south side of Woolooware.

I previously said that immediately north of the station had an odd mix of houses. Down south things were quite assorted as well, between this well sculpted duo,

this curvy boy,

and this lovely wood panelled house (is this what they call a Queenslander house? I'm not qualified to answer).

Woolooware also has some odd looking new developments, like this duplex,

and this collection of strange angles.

Eventually I curved back onto Kingsway. At the intersection ahead was my checkpoint, as well as the exit to the suburb.

When I came to Woolooware, I actually only had one goal.

That goal was to visit Shearer's Cook Bakery, which some nice people on the internet said was excellent.


Filled with disappointment and not baked goods, I continued on to my next suburb.

Woolooware: A suburb full of strange houses and bitter heartbreak.