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People from The Shire love The Shire. It's kind of like Sydney's Texas. After being having my heart broken in Woolooware it'...

Get Your Own Damn Shoreline: Caringbah South

People from The Shire love The Shire. It's kind of like Sydney's Texas. After being having my heart broken in Woolooware it's time for me to see if I can find peace in

Caringbah South

Caringbah South is, as you may expect, south of Caringbah. It also sits immediately west of Woolooware, which meant a short stroll across the suburb lines. 

I started the suburb immediately noticing that this place enjoys thicker greenery than its neighbour (at least more than the bit that I saw of it). Plenty of gum trees and other assorted shrubbery make it a fairly pleasant stroll.

Here, I saw a fair share of Homeworld-esque new development of questionable taste.

I did also see some interesting vehicles, including this beach buggy, 

and this guy with controversial political views. 

It's not all new development in Caringbah South though, the bulk of houses are a fair bit older. I did like seeing more of this grand style of home with plenty of wood panelling

Believe it or not, Caringbah South is actually a waterside suburb. That being said, it seems exceptionally difficult to actually get to the shoreline. As you pass people's houses, you often get a glimpse of the water past their driveways but, unless you want to trespass, I struggled to find any access.

I continued along, veering onto this bushy road to see if I could catch any public coast to ogle.

Same story so far, albeit with a little bit more views.

I gave in and headed down a very steep street to what seemed like some public coastal access.

This turned out to be just a private marina. And they don't seem to appreciate riff raff.

Regardless, I managed to finally see the water, and everyone's private boats.

From here, things get a lot fancier.

The houses get bigger.

And the cars get more European.

Eventually, I came to the conclusion that Caringbah South, while apparently lovely, wasn't willing to share with a dirty outsider like me. 

Hence I made my way towards my next suburb where I might have better luck.

On the way I passed this house that looks like something you might build in The Sims when you don't quite know how to play. 

This grassy alleyway took me to my next suburb.

Caringbah South: No Homers club


  1. As a former Lilli Pilli (possibly your next suburb) resident, the misspelling of Caringbah in the title is very distressing!

    Anyhow, come down to the Lilli Pilli Point Reserve for some beautiful public waterfront :) absolutely agree that more of it should be public. Check out the wharf at Dolans Bay too, albeit surrounded by more cheek by jowl ‘deep waterfront’ properties...

    1. Yes, I realised the misspelling as soon as I shared the post and had to hustle to change it everywhere.

      Lilli Pilli and Dolans Bay are coming soon :)