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Previously, in the North Shore , I trekked through office space , organic shopping , and the NSW Department of Coffee Affairs . I contin...

Comparatively Captivating: Cammeray

Previously, in the North Shore, I trekked through office space, organic shopping, and the NSW Department of Coffee Affairs. I continue on to search for what comes next.


As I've alluded to, Cammeray is a North Shore suburb sandwiched between Crows Nest, Neutral Bay, and Cremorne. From Naremburn, I took this odd pathway to enter the suburb.

Immediately on the other end is fairly unnotable middle-upper-class suburbia.

I won't focus on that right away. What I will focus on is this amazing playground.

With so much great play equipment in a tiny leafy oasis, I couldn't help but spin myself on this spinny thing.

Parents in the area, bring your kids here to injure themselves on good old fashioned play equipment. For some reason the park isn't on Google, but it's on the corner of Hamilton Ave and Palmer St, so go forth and play.

Pulling myself from the play equipment I continued on, up many hills.

After not too long, I hit a Stockland Mall.

Now, with all due respect to the good shareholders of Stockland Corp Ltd, most Stocklands I come across are kind of lame. They tend to be those weird middle size shopping centres that exist just to glue some middle-aged-ladies' clothing stores to a Coles or Woolworths.

This one is actually very nice.

It's basically a Harris Farm Markets supermarket, a few cafes and casual places to eat, and a handful of other small stores in a lovely outdoor plaza.

This being the North Shore, the Harris Farm Markets' main drawcard for its shoppers are bulk packs of fancy branded bottled water.

Leaving the Stocklands, I continued to the suburb's main commercial area just down the road.

Unlike the rather nice mall, things here are unfortunately a little more "Parramatta Road" on first glance.

On second glance, however, I did come across an opening in the shops, revealing a small walking street with outdoor dining. While it looked like a highly inviting place for a beer on this beautiful Sunday afternoon, sadly I had to keep moving.

Also in this walking street are these odd little art pieces.

Apparently, the piece is called Message Sticks and tells some of the story of the local Cammeraygal Aboriginal history of the area. I'm the wrong person to talk to when it comes to symbolism, but I do like interesting sculptures and learning about our nation's history, it's a thumbs up in my irrelevant opinion.

So far, Cammeray has done its best to try to win me over. At this stage I could leave the suburb for my next, but Cammeray has a coastline, and skipping that would be unAustralian, so I continued on.

While the suburbia before the shops was so unnotable I basically skipped it in this post, the suburbia after the shops is much more interesting to the eye.

I saw more historic-looking buildings,

a community herb garden,

adorable bus stops,

and even this beautiful flowering tree.

I always get concerned when I have to walk down hills, because that usually means that uphill is coming soon, but it also makes for great views of our green city.

As I continued along, the suburb continued its eye-candy, dishing up more interesting houses and plenty of foliage.

Eventually - water ahoy!

Right at the tip of Cammeray is Folly Point. To get there you have to make your way down plenty of hill-age by some fancy houses.

Made it.

After enjoying the view, it was time to make the sad trek back uphill.

On the way back up, I spotted plenty of houses owned by people who clearly have "F-U Money".

The road to my next suburb is a treacherous one, with bush,

tight bends (and some drivers coming out a little too fast),

and a calf-achingly high portion of it being uphill.

Eventually, the prize appeared in the distance.

This very impressive bridge is Long Gully Bridge.

It's purpose is to connect Cammeray and my next suburb to the north. It was built in 1892 in order to encourage residential development. But, more importantly, it's also very pretty.

I will spend a bit more time on it in my next post as it sits in both suburbs, but for now I made my way across.

Cammeray: A beautiful place to spend a Sunday afternoon, but learn from me and bring a vehicle.