An attempt to visit every suburb in Sydney.

Despite tapping out after one suburb on my last North Shore post, I've come back to continue my gallivanting through this lovely pat...

Free Range Blogging: Crows Nest

Despite tapping out after one suburb on my last North Shore post, I've come back to continue my gallivanting through this lovely patch of Sydney.

Crows Nest

Crows Nest is a suburb directly southeast of St Leotards. Normally for me, that would mean a short walk between the two, but today a bus brought me back in from the city, dropping me off on the Pacific Highway once more.

Immediately across the road is Crows Nest's central commercial area, known mostly for being a local hub to eat and drink.

I crossed and made my way in.

The brick footpath and narrow road actually make this quite a pleasant place to walk, and gives the area what I would describe as a "villagey" feel.

The first shop that caught my eye here was Flannerys Organic & Wholefood Market.

This is a shop where mums with these lips 😗 can buy things like lamps made out of a pile of salt, and $7 bags of corn chips. It's good for the chakras, I promise.

As I continued through Crows Nest, I noticed more shops with this theme, such as Earth Friendly Bed & Bath.

Finally, after a long day of ethical shopping and buying organic fruit for your unvaccinated kids, why not enjoy some time at the day spa?

OK, I'm being a little bit too mean to Crows Nest, it's not all new-agey after all.

I personally like this compromise store, that has the externals of somewhere fancy while appearing to just be a dollar store inside (although to be fair I didn't go in and check).

Truth be told, the commercial centre here is actually much nicer than that of most suburbs, and makes for a wonderful leisurely afternoon stroll.

Also in here is a bit of a town square where you can sit and enjoy a coffee or ice cream in front of a church and the community centre.

I mentioned that Crows Nest is a bit of a dining hub. "Sunday lunch" was quiet today but there are definitely a wide range of options here.

The Westie in me was unsettled by how "nice" the tableware is at this Vietnamese restaurant though. While I'm sure this place is fine, Vietnamese food without sticky tables and menus just doesn't seem right to me.

I eventually veered away from the shopping area to go towards my next suburb.

On my way I passed this pleasingly symmetrical duplex house,

this industrial building which, for some reason, is heritage listed,

and a few more modern structures, with Crows Nest in the foreground and St Leotards in the background.

Crows Nest: The jewel of the North (shore).

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  1. I had to stop reading three times during this blog to recover from laughing. Love it!